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  1. Thank you so much all for the loves and lovely comments
  2. Thank you all for the loves, and comments
  3. Thank you everyone for the 'loves'. I forgot to mention that the pendants can be worn separately or joined together as in photo.
  4. Thank you all, I appreciate the 'loves'!!
  5. Oh. My comment put a question mark instead of a smiley face!
  6. Thank you Brunswick for the love?
  7. Thanks Broochman appreciate the love. I suppose the box is now collectable also, used to see them occasionally,but hard to find now I think?
  8. Thank you Newfld and Hunterqlee.
  9. Love this...
  10. Thank you Gillian really appreciate your advice.
  11. Thanks Phil. I appreciate your comment.
  12. Thank you Newfld
  13. Impressive collection, love the display and range of colours.
  14. Love these. I have a nearly 3yr old grandaughter, and I only buy her wooden toys. She would love the Donald Duck.
  15. Would live to have 'mooch' around there!!!. Is it in the UK or USA??
  16. Looks very interesting!!!. Some Latin research should be helpfull. Looks like it has been in a fire, I wonder why?.
  17. Thsnk you all.
  18. Thank you Newfled and bobby725. I am so pleased that I am able to share my collections with such very nice people.
  19. Thank you for the 'loves' Brunswick Blunderbuss2 Newfld and Fortapache
  20. Love both lions, particularly the Derbyshire glass one. I have a blue dog and would love to find more. I will post mine soon. They look lovely placed on a window sill to catch the light.
  21. Just to add to the above comments. I have one of these at home, bought early 90s from Camden Market in London. The company specialises in reproductions. I use mine as a drinks cabinet
  22. Thank you for the 'love' Ms.CrystalShip.
  23. Love Fleetwood Mac, especially their instrumental 'Albatross'
  24. WOW!! love it.
  25. I like this, it reminds me of one my grandfather had. I have a small collecion myself. Sorry to 'but in' the "boys only club" he he!
  26. Thank you Newfld. It always raises a smile when I wear it, did you notice that it looks a bit "crosseyed"!!
  27. Hi billretirecoll. It's not a print, and looks like a photograph.need to do a bit of research. Thanks for your comment.
  28. Fabulous!!. I collect ephemera, and love finding items of historical importance. Paper items are so vulnerable to acids, so I always try to store them in acid and lignin free boxes or wrap them in a...
  29. Hi. MALKEY. love your spill jar, It reminded me that I used to have a couple of nice pieces, but they sadly got lost? in a house move( broken I suspect). Also known as 'Slag' glass I think.
  30. Thank you Peasejean55 for your comment and information. I had never heard of WMF beads before, and am now a bit confused, are Saphiret beads different??.
  31. Thank you Newfld.
  32. Thank you Ms. Crystalship. I could not think of the correct name.
  33. Thank you watchsearcher for your comment.just wanted to clarify that the item is not all in one circular piece, the tassells are st the ends of each side. I imagine ut could just be wound around the n...
  34. Thank you for your kind comments on my first posting on CW. I have been collecting all things vintage since tbe 80's, and I have "at last" found the ideal forum to share my collections I am looking...
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A little bling bling for the New Year! Schiaparelli earrings :)