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I collect from the swedish factory Rörstrand


  1. Hi, I am still here, but I have not found out anything new about this glass. Probably are there more pieces of them in the States than in Sweden, as most of it seems to be produced for the US market.
  2. Welcome to you too, Claudia! I really esteem if you will post more pics and facts!
  3. I will also say welcome to Venon! It is at great step forward to have you here in this discussion. Let´s hope we can get more news on the Venon glassware. As Susan says, this thread maybe creates hi...
  4. I made som changing of the name of my album, as I put in pictures with another vase that I don´t know the designer of. That caused a new name of the album. The new link is:
  5. Scandinavian pieces, Susan, ventraio50 and all others who are interested in this glass, Sent a mail to Börje A Y Åkerblom (BAY) with our questions and today he kindly answered me. BAY is a well-kn...
  6. Now I have found the answer of my question about 'vaseline glass' here in Collectors weekly.
  7. Thanks for that, vetraio50 I figured there were two different patterns called Snäcka and Solfjäder (Fan), but now I can see this may be my mistake. The Pattern Snäcka(Seashell) may sometimes be cal...
  8. Vetraio50, I am very impressed for all your knowledge about the subject! Here you can find a pitures of another of those items in a Swedish forum. I really love it. There are a lot of his pieces i...
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