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New York City

I'm fairly new to the site, but I can spend hours and hours here....There are so many items that I just love! I'm trying to find the time to comment on so many, pleI'm fairly new to the site, but I can spend hours and hours here....There are so many items that I just love! I'm trying to find the time to comment on so many, please bare with me..Thank You! (Read more)


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"ARTINI"  Sculptured Engravings-"Need Help Please" 
1927  Tale of Two Cities -Charles Dickens.....NYBOE Schoolbook  - Booksin Books
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer-- Copyright 1936 - Booksin Books
 LTD EDITION-NEW YORK Souvenir collectible plate - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Blackfeet Indian Tribe Prints (set-24) - Native Americanin Native American
USA Postage Stamp - Stampsin Stamps
Bicentennial USA Stamp - Stampsin Stamps
Elvis Stamps...very informative history enclosed - Stampsin Stamps
USA  CIRCUS  5 ct. postage stamps - Stampsin Stamps
Flying Goose / Duck Stamps - Stampsin Stamps


  1. Absolutely Beautiful....wish I had it!!! LOL
  2. Loved those Banana seats, and high handlebars!
  3. Im looking at the same gumball machine only mine has a Jelly Belly applique on the front of it, and a little clear cover that you lift to get the candy out. I'm sure like yours, they were used and/or...
  4. Oh Gosh, I have the same one...It was also my Grandmas....When I was litttle I loved to watch her and my mom screw it onto the kitchen table and grind their meat. I also have the cheese one too, whic...
  5. Its such a coincidence that I should come across this post....I just watched Rick Dale restore the same exact Pepsi Cooler, right down to matching the exact color ( which is NO longer available) this ...
  6. Arlene, I recently posted some prints and bio regarding the Blackfeet Indians.
  7. I found the same vase currently for bid on EBAY Item # 330621325014...made by John Aynsley, and made in England as stated by you..This particular pattern ( Cottage Garden) is discontinued but is still...
  8. Thanks Bellin68 for looking and "loving"....
  9. Thanks Jason & Lundy for looking!
  10. Thanks so much for the comments Jason, I guessed that the stamps aren't worth much, but I do love the artwork on most of them...The colors so clear and vivid. I am going to re-frame the sheets that I...
  11. Thank You Hotkittles and Jason....Most of the sheets of stamps I have were framed...My late uncle who used to work in the Treasury used to bring them to my mom as gifts, along with full sheets of uncu...
  12. Wow, I had both of these Halloween decorations...I used to love to "pose" them all different ways...and tape them to the door/wall...I believe they could still be available also...I have some really o...
  13. I found out the following information regarding your coin: What you have is a 1 Baht Thai coin. They are currently in free circulation. The 1 Baht coin is nickel plated, 20mm in diameter and mass is ...
  14. Thanks Bellin.....Paul, maybe you might know about this piece...
  15. Thank You so much Paul. Your infomation is greatly appreciated!
  16. Thanks Official & Chevy!!!
  17. Thanks Official!!!
  18. Thank You Hotkitties....Have a few other sheets to post, but all of a sudden my camera is getting Zzzzzzpy, LOL...Guess I'll try Later Thanks for looking!
  19. It's Beautiful!
  20. This "secretary desk is beautiful and looks like it is in great condition!...I remember as a child, my mom had one ( it might have been from my grandmother) I Loved to sit at that desk and set it up ...
  21. Hello, I was just admiring her quilts when I scrolled down and saw this comment..Please accept my sincere condolences. Her work was simply beautiful and I am so happy to hear about all of her and the...
  22. OMG, You have the greatest collection...Is this set up in your garage? We already saw your awesome home...I love the way the the lights bring everything to life! Beautiful!
  23. Thanks for the "Love", Lisa!
  24. Thank You Officialfuel
  25. Wow...Jello dated 1927..who knew?? LOL - I Love the packaging. It looks so much more appetizing than the boxes that they make today....Great Find!
  26. I bet it's going to look awesome!!!!
  27. Love it!...I have one or two necklaces very similar to this in my mom's HUGE Jewelry box...She was very stylish back and I have many of her vintage pieces of Jewelry.
  28. Thank You Officialfuel and toolate2
  29. Looks great right in that spot!
  30. Thank You Officialfuel and Esther110
  31. Your items are fantastic! I would Love to just roam through your house, lol...Thanks for stopping to see my toy spinning top
  32. Love Love Love them....I used to buy my son a matchbox car every week over 30 years ago ( I wish I had them now, lol) Your collection is fantastic and I love the display case..You are very lucky to h...
  33. I Love it...It's romantic & Beautiful...Love the engravement
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