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  1. I'm not a Lionel expert, but I think $200.00-300.00 range. Steve
  2. Teresa Love it, I have the same 5216E set, but yours looks like it is probably a little nicer than mine. Steve
  3. It's a Marx 591. Made from 1953-60. This style came in many lower priced sets. The came with a couple of different type electric motors, clockwork and also battery powered. Steve
  4. Great find Ted. Sort of a prototype of the Mohawk set. Steve
  5. Type XI coupler used from about 1939-41 on tin O gauge cars. This style was carried over on the post war S gauge for a short time also. It was probably Flyers way of not paying Lionel royalties if th...
  6. Your set in dark green, according to an early Greenberg book is 1925. Steve
  7. That particular set in the dark green is from 1925. Steve
  8. Try this Yahoo group. They are about European trains. Steve
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