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Vintage Glass Italian?  - Glasswarein Glassware
My rooster has a name, I just can't read it!  - Potteryin Pottery


  1. Gorgeous! I love it when the people have no idea.
  2. It's kinda creepy and I LOVE it.
  3. This is a good Pyrex resource. If you don't see your exact piece, I would suggest writing and asking. Even if you do see your exact piece, the box will, of course, add value. http://pyrexcollectiv...
  4. Nice find but you're in trouble now. This is how it starts, with just one jar. Next thing you know, you have 60, 70 or 80 and you are remodeling your kitchen so they can all be displayed at once. ...
  5. It looks like it could it be a solid perfume holder.
  6. P.S. I believe it would have originally had a chain handle.
  7. I agree, accordion handbag neck. (There's probably a better word than "neck" but I don't know what it is, sorry.) The two rings look like a different metal. Is that the case? They don't look original ...
  8. Bed warmers are generally wider, shallower and more rounded with long handles. How long is the handle?
  9. Maybe a toss game? Maybe the piece that you think may be missing was a cover with a smaller hole for the ball or bean bag? Maybe the cover piece could then be lifted to retrieve the thrown objects? ...
  10. I should mention Bustamante as well as he is very well known for paper mache though personally I still think of him as mainly a ceramic artist. He is also widely copied. The only Bustamante pieces I o...
  11. It's really hard to say unless it is signed. Most Mexican paper mache is made in workshops and many different anonymous craftspeople are involved. Plus, there is a lot of copying going on. The most we...
  12. Thanks, Amber and Blunder!
  13. P.S. What looks like damage along one side is actually thrift store tape residue. Oops. Fifty cents. Almost broke the budget!
  14. Could be Chintz.
  15. I don't recognize the mark, sorry, but the metal looks like pewter to me.
  16. Gorgeous! I love opals. I think the people who spread the false rumor that they are unlucky are just jealous that they can't have such beautiful things to wear.
  17. It is solder. Probably with copper foil tape underneath. Solder is a mixture of tin and lead. It does darken nicely with age. Don't try to clean it or polish it.
  18. Italian. These are Florentine nesting tables. They could be vintage, they could be more recent. If you do a Google search you will see some of their cousins.
  19. Those are so cool. And 18 colors! Wow.
  20. The image is that of the Prince of the Lillies, a famous figure first "reconstructed" by Émile Gilliéron in 1905 from fragments of an original Minoan fresco from the palace at Knossos on Crete. (Cno...
  21. The flower mark sounds like O. F. Hjortdahl's mark but the N is confusing. Are you sure it's an N?
  22. I agree with Spiko. They are also called Jack Straws and I had a plastic set when I was a kid. Something similar:
  23. It looks like it could be olive wood in which case, it could possibly be from Bethlehem or thereabouts and may be a biblical character.
  24. Nice glass. Ten bucks says that couple is divorced.
  25. She is so cool and it's really neat that the original clothes survived too. How tall is she?
  26. They look like bobbins for lace making.
  27. Blunder, you are naughty. ;-)
  28. How nice that it is so clearly documented. Did you know that it is a milking stool?
  29. They're really neat and I have no idea other than my first thought was "French."
  30. Tubeteika = Uzbek skull cap, would be my guess.
  31. It looks like Italian majolica but I have no idea about age.
  32. You're welcome, and happy hunting to you too!
  33. Yes, I think they are perfume bottles, most likely from Mexico. They are sold empty, you add your own scent, which is why they don't have an odor that would have given away their purpose. I'm sorr...
  34. I am dating myself by chiming in to say that I first recall seeing these in the 1970's.
  35. It looks like it could be a Goldette piece.
  36. Are the rings hollow? Could they hold liquid? Like perfume?
  37. Nice collection. It is Welden and while no longer in production, you can still find it second hand on various websites, auction and otherwise. Google "redware welden" or "redware sgraffito welden"...
  38. Your grandmother took good care of this gorgeous set. I'm glad it will stay in the family.
  39. Using eBay listings as information sources can be problematic as many sellers are using previous eBay listings as their sources and this can lead to a vicious cycle of misinformation. That being...
  40. The "same look" means nothing when it comes to attribution. The box in your (now restored ) first photo is still definitely Indian. Adding or changing photos after people have taken the time to co...
  41. Hey, did you change your photos? Because the box shown above is not the one I described as Indian. This one could be Persian.
  42. No, while it does resemble Persian Khatam work, it is definitely Indian. The basics are the same, both are inlay techniques and both favor geometric patterns, but if you compare the two side by side y...
  43. Not sure about the one in the back, can't see it well enough, but the box in the front appears to be teak with inlaid ivory (not sure which kind) from India, and the Hoshiarpur District, most likely. ...
  44. Pan iron in use in a 12th century Chinese painting:
  45. This is a Chinese pan iron. Pan irons are meant to be filled with hot sand or live coals and used to iron clothing. Makes your plug in model look much more appealing, doesn't it? : -) I'm not a...
  46. The pieces with three holes are rosary centers. The crucifixes are likely from old rosaries too. These may be old store stock from a business that made or repaired rosary beads or they could be the af...
  47. Nice find! His website is still up and running and someone is presumably answering emails so you might try that route. Your enamel piece is pictured here: ...
  48. This method/technique/style is known as Italian Florentine.
  49. And more:
  50. More info/mystery:
  51. See more


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