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Nevada mo.

Old codger collecting old woodworking tools, mostly planes. Also any small unidentified mysteries.


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  1. I would start research with spinning wheel pictures. Focusing on the hubs. The metal ends seem very light sheetmetal. Also consider wheel barrow or light carts
  2. Just a couple of questions. The two that are marked 147-153. Seem to have a post on the end of the flat handles. The post seem to have a step or groove. Do they have two different diameters? Have you ...
  3. Hey! I got someone who "almost" agrees with me! That proves I,m right! Right! Part of the fun is the different "opinions" I enjoy this site
  4. Consider the possibility of one man (or woman) repeatly sharpening the same knife several hundreds times the same way would use the same angle over Andover?
  5. These look like "go/no go" gauges to measure tolerances of maybe small shafts. Smaller than one "bump " but larger than the other. Can you use an inside micrometer on the bumps? Doe the numbers repres...
  6. Possibly for bending a "u" turn in copper tubing? An inside mandrel to keep the tube from crushing flat. Try it!
  7. After looking closer, i,m thinking the screw is for focusing the mirror that shows the level in the split screen eye piece, see lower left picture. I think that the front cover won,t come off because...
  8. Does not the button on the side slide and open the "shutter"?
  9. To the front lens?
  10. Does not the button on the side slide and open the "shutter"?
  11. I can,t be sure from your pictures, but probably a tounge and groove plane . One iron cutting in one direction cuts the tounge. Turn the plane around and it cuts the matching groove. Makes sense?
  12. It reminds me of the cart from a pressure washer, maybe? It has useful possibilities!
  13. Look at calipers by blunderbuss2 7 years ago, same idea different style
  14. According to American wooden planes, fifth edition. Copeland and co. Huntington ma. From 1855-1866
  15. I agree ( who cares ) with the "weed stick" description that has been called a dandelion fork for digging the tap root out
  16. Isn,t the handle missing? And a rod that should go up to the top of the pipe. The rod should connect to a plunger or sucker rod for pulling water from the well. Probably removed to prevent using
  17. If the right portion is hollow and there is a seal fit between the two pieces, it could be penetration probe that uses minor air pressure to test for viscosity? No markings? Or scale?
  18. If the size is about 18 inches high with about 8 inches wide sides, my guess is a brick layers "hod" for moving a batch of mortar up to brricklayer above ground level
  19. C.m. Moseman 's catalog (reprint) of horse furnishing goods from about1893 shows on page 117, a "zinc collar pad in different sizes; to prevent the collar from chaffing the top of the neck". Item numb...
  20. My initial thought was one handed pruning shears. But that would limit the size of cut. But if these are two handed pruning shears ( you don't mention size) with the hinge on the end there is lots of...
  21. Please compare with "automobile tire chains " repair plyers
  22. My opinion: left one appears to be a saw set, and the right one seems to be a automotive seal removal tool.
  23. A fairly common pattern, I think. It appears to have a steel edge welded to an iron body. Look at the difference in pitting along the cutting edge and the rest of the axe. A harder edge of more expe...
  24. Seems to me that vynil33rpm holds some records revolving producing corn even if he,s not a farmer, that's involving corn knees?
  25. Possibly a gardening tool, with teeth to cut roots? I haven't see one just like this one, but could be used that way, maybe!
  26. It look like a simple bottle cap remover to me. Unless there is something more I don,t see?
  27. One on eBay for sale today
  28. Roger smith,s book of patented planes notes that Ellis h Morris patented this plane in November 8, 1870, pat number 109,037. His example had w. Butcher / warranted / cast steel iron
  29. I have a couple of "hacksaws" that are the same shapes as regular wood handsaws. One possibility of the backstory would be in reusing old lumber encountering nails that must be cut through, just an id...
  30. It looks like A two position switch with the two ribs and knob? It look to be table mounted with the screw and knob? Does the 3/4" ? Hole/ cylinder pivot on the small spring? No names or markings?
  31. It appears to be a "check row" stake. There was a time when corn was planted in squares, that is to say rows and hills were the same distance apart. Say the rows were 36" apart then the hills were the...
  32. Isn,t this a chisel/plane blade sharpening jig?
  33. Compare looks with new skinning butcher knives
  34. Does it make sense that the unusual shape come from excessive use? The Narrow part of the blade possibly started out almost as wide as the handle and was worn down with sharpening?
  35. This reminds me of part of a very rusty monkey wrench with one jaw and the adjustment mechanism and wooden handle missing???
  36. No comment made about the steel faces on iron handle?
  37. Looking at the threads in the third picture, it seems to me that there is a groove on the under side. Is there a groove there and is it deep enough to hold a broken piece of a handle? It seems that ja...
  38. I have a vice that looks exactly as yours. A metal tag on the "left side" reads " Olympia / tools / 5"/ multi-purpose vise / #13-025 made in China. On the lower jaws where the bolts are there should ...
  39. I think it is called a "nib", used as a grip on a scythe. The threads on the bolt and nut are probably left handed so that the movement of the hands while working will tighten the handle
  40. I read somewhere that rules that read from left to right were "American" and those that read from right to left were "English" or something like that. Something you might want to research. Enjoy the ...
  41. I assume no name or any identifying marks.
  42. My first guess is a die stock, with the die missing. Usually there three or four pair of die together. This tool was used to cut threads onto a rod or clean up existing rusty or bent threads.
  43. I just found on google searching for "c s osbourne tools" a new "tucking tool no. 747" that looks like the putty knife pictured. Many uses for the same tool again!
  44. Research a "cider pump", need dimensions and complete picture
  45. You might investigate a "cider pump" to pump apple juice from a barrel. There could be a wooden pipe ,about six inches long, for the upper hole. In all of apple prosessing metal was avoided to prevent...
  46. The book "Stanley tools" by john Walter page 371 states that number 13 circular plane type 2 does not have the model number. It was made from 1871 to 1878. A starting point to identify your plane. Enj...
  47. My "impression" from lug nuts "depresser" is that he is thinking of coil springs? Isn't this "C" clamp used to spread flat leaf springs for lubricating or adding a silencer pad between two springs?
  48. No particular reason and no evidence that that is what it is, the lettering has no meaning to me, enjoy
  49. It reminds me of a machinist lathe tool with a carbide tip??
  50. Is it probable that this plane started out as longer and has the the two plumbs cut or broken off. Seems that I've seen them with half circle ends instead of square ends. Just raising that possibilit...
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