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Nevada mo.

Old codger collecting old woodworking tools, mostly planes. Also any small unidentified mysteries.


  1. Possibly a measuring cup? Have you measured how much it holds? The markings don,t seem to be numbers. Seems somewhat crudely made for kitchen use. Maybe for two cycle gas/oil mixture. Thanks for showing
  2. To, keeno55, I apologize for not explaining the action involved. When holding the handle vertical the weight of the lever holders the "jaws" open. Then you push the jaws over a weed until the " lever...
  3. I should have made comment that the split and curved part could have been used like a hoe for digging up roots, maybe
  4. My opinion is that it a weed puller. With the lever down by it's own weight the jaws are open. You press over a weed with the open jaws and then pull the handle toward the lever. This closes the jaws ...
  5. Is there a way to look at previous post without starting with most current every time? Maybe Entering a range? Or some search? Thanks
  6. A listing on ancient for wire stretcher shows one listed as " 1904 strieby foote combination tool, FYI interest
  7. Possibly made by n. J. Tate, original patent feb 12, 1901. See "the fencin, tool bible" by bill marquis on page 86
  8. Is the square tapered? (Thicker in the corner and thinner on the ends?) why the date 1830? And why English? I,m not being critical, just curious as to reasons. I agree with time and place possibility....
  9. According to eaia "directory of American toolmakers" there was axe maker Matthias price in Newark no from 1846 to 1871
  10. The one time I tried to use them to go from three feet to four feet deep it was hard work in florida sand. A real man killer. Just for display or loaners these days!
  11. Possibly united shoe machinery co, Lynn mass. 1863-1913. Makers of leather and shoe repair tools
  12. These come n sets of two . One is bent like yours, used to remove material from a hole. I,ve heard it called a spoon. It,s mate, called a banjo is straight and used to loosen the soil from the sides o...
  13. I have seen "dock" saw advertised in reprint catalogs. Possibly made for working around water
  14. Possibly could be used as a "barking spud" or of course as some kind of scraper. Appears to be newer rather than older, whatever that means
  15. I had thought these were made to repair pulls in knitted sweaters and such. The hook was inserted from the back side of a garment where a loop was pulled out. The loop was caught, the latch closed an...
  16. Consider farriers tools. Possibly "clinchers" or caulk cutters?
  17. No comments in five years? Consider the possibility of burnishes for cabinet scrapers
  18. It reminds me of a tire changing hammer with the rubber face missing
  19. I think that it is a water meter cover tool. Pentagon shaped socket and hook or point to lift lid
  20. Consider the small hooks for catching links of a chain. Possibly for rotating or grabbing a log. Any research on a stump puller. A fairly common tool¿
  21. The upper left has a hook like corn check row stakes. Is the rod about 30 inches long and pointed on the end not shown? A good possibility to research
  22. I think it is an automatic tack feed and hammer for carpet. Are there points on the underside to push the carpet, with a knob or handle to drive the round rod when a tack is fed down the tube?
  23. I,m thinking a box opener knife, no experince but have seen cigar box hammers listed with like shape
  24. Please check out a sleeve stretcher or press used in dry cleaning suits. I have one of this style and another style that is for sale in modern supply catalogs. Enjoy a great find!
  25. Please consider an adjustable valve grinder. Handle missing, possible one head of several made for one handle. I don,t understand the two "ears" on the square.
  26. Looks like a caulking mallet head without the handle. Used to make wooden ships waterproof
  27. Beautiful rule,! Why buffalo horn? How was that identified? Consider the possibility of ebony or other exotic wood. Great find regardless!
  28. Sorry, but it sure looks like a cutoff from a train rail to me.
  29. Possibly check on a curd cutter. Just one suggestion
  30. Seems like I remember these being used to align points in a distributor or voltage regulated back in the day
  31. With the adjustable roller, I suggest looking for a leather "skive" for thinning leather straps
  32. Looks like a vise for sharpening hand saws
  33. I think that the "heel shave" cuts only on the hollow inside not on the outside of a curve. Maybe?
  34. I was given one very similar? Today. Looks like a multi tool. Glass cutter wheel on one end, knife sharpener on other end. Two steel angles seem right for scissor sharpening. And notches for breaking ...
  35. Check a railroad spike puller. Used when the tie is too rotten to use for leverage. Use this with a spike pulling bar using the top of the rail for leverage
  36. Check on a Stanley no. 75 bull nose rabbet plane
  37. The spokeshave is probably a shoemakers "heel shave"
  38. For an idea look at Stanley no. 10 carriage maker plane
  39. Please check fire sprinkler shutoff, I have a pair of "brass" pliers with that kind of rubber stopper. For sale in McMaster-Carr catalog
  40. I have never used a scythe but could see where having a stone in the field would be a way of taking a needed break while not stopping completely and still looking productive
  41. These look like stair tread saws to me
  42. You might check the name again. I have seen a cast one with the Heller name and horse logo. Also have a. Brass handle with several different shaped files/rasp but no name
  43. I only see one leg in the picture, shouldn't there be two legs to be functional
  44. I think that ihave seen pictures of a dibble with two prongs, Google dibble
  45. I can,t tell from these photos but it seems to be a hand held garden cultivator without the long handle and missing all but one of the tines, or prongs or fingers
  46. Consider the possibility that this is a tailors square , not a framing square
  47. This appears to be a wallpaper rule. Old wallpaper came with an unprinted edges that must. Be trimmed off. There are many different cutter wheel s that would slide in the groove to cut a straight line.
  48. A note on post #4,. Heller Bros. Made farrier tools, files, and rasps
  49. I'm confused again. I thought that the name "half hatchet" meant the flat top of a hatchet/hammer that was used next to the ceiling, that looked like half of a broad hatchet
  50. 1832 has been marked for many years on tools made by d. R Barton & co. Probably a hewing ax for squaring logs to timbers
  51. See more


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