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  1. That's too bad. Sorry to hear that but, as Joseph Addison wrote in Cato..."He (or She!) who hesitates is lost". My motto where these situations are concerned is to Strike While The Iron Is Hot! If ...
  2. Hmmmm...well that little HTML experiment went awry. Anyway, they're Thonet. See below.
  3. My guess is that it's by <a href="" target="blank" rel="nofollow">Thonet</a> and a knockoff of the very popular Saarinen design.
  4. What's your intention for the set? Are you buying to keep or to flip? If you are keeping it, you like the set (I like it...looks like a nice alternative to Heywood Wakefield) and it's priced appropr...
  5. Hi Josh. The table has a Karl Springer look to it but I doubt that it is in fact a Karl Springer table. It may just not have a name associated with it. It may have been intended for retail displa...
  6. Jeezus, maybe I should read the title line, huh? Duh.
  7. NICE Score! Nothin' beats free. These are by Arthur Umanoff.
  8. VERY Similar to a Knoll stacking table except that knoll table I had (about four years ago) did not have the welded on tabs that attach the legs to the wooden top. Still, it may just be that they add...
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