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  1. I've collected tin signs for years and yours looks real to me. The reproduction tin signs are usually flat, unless it's something pretty common. I think yours is an original. I've never seen one li...
  2. I showed it to my mom who's English. She thinks it's from the Christchurch college, which is one of many colleges in Oxford University in the UK.
  3. Thanks for the info hotairfan. Exactly what I was hoping for.
  4. Thanks for the info fhrj2. I added a third up-close pic of the knob. It seems like its permanently attached now and when magnified, I can't see any seams. If it did once came out, the hole would b...
  5. I know the 857 is from the manufacturing, the mark below it looks like an 8 but I'm pretty sure it's just coincidence.
  6. Treasure Tex, I don't know if it's machined but it's not even really close to being symmetrical. You can feel it in your hand how off-center it is. But I don't know if that means that's it's not a m...
  7. Thanks for the kind words WPA Collector. I actually am very proud of it. Regarding the 8, it looks more like a chip in person but I can definitely see in the pic how it looks like an 8. I honestly ...
  8. That's a compartment with a hinged lid on the bottom on the left. There's a gap between the two slats and the box top so I figure it's meant to hold something.
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