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Cajun Country, USA

Very new to loving the old stuff. Plan on being CW's biggest student. My interests? All of it!


  1. What a beauty!
  2. Hi Sandra, thanks. Nope, no luck on the ID on these things - still searching. Looking forward to seeing your blue ones!
  3. You're very welcome; I got lucky on that one, LOL - I'm not usually very lucky when trying to ID glass. And welcome to CW, it's a great place!
  4. looks like it's late 1800's
  5. google EAPG LaBelle Glass Co. bearded man aka queen anne water pitcher
  6. Love Love Love!
  7. Oh wow Aura! This is beautiful!!
  8. corndog, brunswick - thanks for the loves; always appreciated, mft
  9. Windwalker, thanks
  10. Thanks Windwalker
  11. Windwalker, thank you for the love!
  12. Gillian, thank you so much for the wonderful comment. I didn't know until recently that some McCoy had similar bases, but it seems everyone I've asked on this piece thinks it's American Bisque. I'm ...
  13. Thank you, Mr. Phil, for the love; always appreciated, MFT
  14. PhilDMorris, thank you very much, for the love!
  15. Mr. PhilDMorris, thank you for the love!
  16. Windwalker, thank you for the love; always appreciated, MFT
  17. brunswick, aura, thank you very much for the loves!
  18. Phil, Rose- thanks for the loves!
  19. Hey Sean, thanks!
  20. Destiny, thank you!
  21. Valentino, Destiny - thank you very much for the loves; always appreciated, MFT
  22. Destiny & Brunswick - many thanks!
  23. Wow, this just jarred a memory I'd forgotten I had; apparently, someone, somewhere, in my lifetime had one of these (or similar)--now to figure it out LOL. Nice!
  24. Beauty Overload. I was just sitting here, wondering if I had a choice of one, just one, to be my favorite, which would I pick. I don't think I could do it, every time I choose one, I move on to anot...
  25. Wow, these are great!
  26. Many trunk experts here, someone should be along shortly! Welcome to CW!
  27. Nice, very nice!
  28. Please post pics once restored! Why, why, why do humans think they need to paint over antique furniture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  29. Oh the memories! And boy, if you were drinking something with ice, you talk about those glasses got cold to hold!
  30. Today makes 45 days I am a non-smoker; had to quit cold turkey for upcoming procedure - no gum, no patch, no nicotine e-juice. No nicotine, period. Sheer torture, I'll tell you.
  31. Destiny.Jennifer, thanks for the love!
  32. Geez this is such a draw! I just keep getting pulled in for additional glances! I'd make this my avatar!
  33. Nicefice, thanks!
  34. Thank you, Nicefice; always appreciated, MFT
  35. Nicefice, thank you very much for the love!
  36. Eye & Mike, I was just fixing to mention that also; so sad that they've made a 150 year run, and now have to close due to foreign competition. Hmmm, thinkin' they should hold off a bit, just in case ...
  37. Hull Pottery -- "Hull Art USA" mark would've been 1940's if I'm not mistaken. The numbers on the bottom are the mold numbers. Have you googled to get more info? I have one piece of Hull pottery. Y...
  38. My grandmother's brother was a priest and became a Monsignor; my grandmother's sister became a nun, and I also have an aunt who became a nun. My grandfather's ancestors, I believe, were part of the A...
  39. Vintagefran, thanks for the love
  40. Wow. Just WOW! This one takes may breath!
  41. Yes, what Nevada said! How wonderful to start such a collection, to treasure now and will become heirlooms later.
  42. Oooh, very nice; love it!
  43. Well, prior to my looking at the pics of the reverse, I found the daisies in both were very similar, as were the shades of the blue flowers. Then I saw your last pic, of the backsides. I think it's ...
  44. What Luck! That's great! Love them both!
  45. Thanks, Gillian; it's all good.
  46. AnnaB, I love it - I know what you're saying about the beauty up close. I was never a fan of the amber. Until recently. When I purchased my Indiana Glass relish tray, then needed something to pair ...
  47. Oh geez. I'm out.
  48. @motorheadmn - I was not opposing you; I liked the lamp also, just didn't believe it was authentic. Totally confused about the "get off my cloud" comment.
  49. You know what, while we're clarifying - just who is it, Gillian, you are "grumpy" with? After re-reading your "at motorheadmn, and MFT" -- neither motorheadmn or myself said the man had Tiffany lamps...
  50. ??? @ motorheadmn??? Not sure what or where this is going, and hopefully not to a bad place -- but my comment was directed at Gillian's post about who's awake or not; And my challenge would have been...
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