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My Name Is Carol I Am A 58 Yr. Old Women ( Naturlad ) , I Currently Reside In Chesapeake Beach , Maryland ! I Love Old Anything !I Am Not A Collector ! I Just SimMy Name Is Carol I Am A 58 Yr. Old Women ( Naturlad ) , I Currently Reside In Chesapeake Beach , Maryland ! I Love Old Anything !I Am Not A Collector ! I Just Simply Own A Few Old Items ! I Am A True Animal Lover W/ A 2 Yr Old Male Miniture Poodle Name Scout And My Paisley Is A 7 Yr Old Brussels Griffons ! (Read more)


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Framed Art - Fine Artin Fine Art
Old Jar , With A View Of The World Encircled Around It !  - Bottlesin Bottles
MICHAEL Kors Handbag  - Bagsin Bags
Large Heavy Box  - Furniturein Furniture
Stone Statue  - Figurinesin Figurines
Hand Painted Lamp ! - Lampsin Lamps
Disney Figurines - Advertisingin Advertising
Old Bear Made Of Mink - Dollsin Dolls
Tiny Knife - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Old Sm Frame - Photographsin Photographs


  1. Gillian, Understand Me I Don't Lke To Rock The Boat But , You Know Yourself ...... If You Feel Someone Is Wrongfully Judging Your Honesty Then The Response For Anyone , Is To Argue For Their Truth An...
  2. Gillian , I Really Don't Know What You Are Trying To Say or Get At By Your Last Gesture ( Post ) ? When I Made The Original Post On This Purse And WaDescribing It To All I Explained That I Fell Aslee...
  3. Hi Gillian I Think Maybe You Have The Wrong Idea Of My Intentions But Then Maybe Its On Me , Fort Not Being More Clear As Too What I Was Asking FOR Actually ! Let Me Just Stat Over ?! Hello All , ...
  4. Thanks Everyone For The Thoughts And Input On This Post !
  5. Hey All Sorry For The Post I Made On The MICHAEL Kors Handbag I Made Early This Morning Describing It And Asking For Help And Thoughts On It ! I Fell Asleep While Posting It , My Apologizes !
  6. PostCardCollector I , Thought It Was Him Until I Had Seen Him Holding His Hat , Then I Was Almost Sure It To Be Stan Laurel ! Thanks , Naturlad !
  7. Hey , Naturlad Here ! PoliticalPinbacks , Thanks For The Help / Link ! You Are The Best !
  8. Thanks , For Everyone's Hard Work On Helping Me To Solve The Mystery Of My H. Bucker Dresden Oval German Painted Plaque !
  9. Thanks ,To All Who Helped Me Solve The Mystery Of My Chinese Trinket Box !
  10. OK , So Can Anyone Out There Advise Me , On How To Tell ......... If This Is Actually A Steiff Bear ?
  11. IVAN49 Thank You Again ! Can I Ask Just One More Question of You ? Can You Just Simply Clue Me In Your Opinion Do You Suppose My Piece Has Any Value ????
  12. Hi IVAN 49 TY For Your Input / Info So , How Would One Know If Mine Is Genuine Scepter Mark ? Also When I Originally Decribed This Item I Said It Looked To Have A Oval Bubble Glass Over It But, I 'm...
  13. Hello PhilDMorris , I Took Another Pics Of The Back Cause You Said You Could No Make It Out ...... But Didn't How To Add To My Original Post !
  14. HI PHIL D MORRIS , I Looked Up KPM ! The Website Gave Me Some Interesting Info , Including It ( The Co. ) Evolved In 1763 By Frederick 11 Of Prussia ! Also Showed Their Product Stamp ! It Just Like ...
  15. I Now Know What My Trinket Box Means ( Carving On Top ) But I Am Still Stumped As To Apox . Age And who Designed The Piece ( Company ) ?
  16. Lol ....... No Blunderbuss2 I Have Not Been Around For Very Long And , I Appreciate Your Humour Keeps One Young !!!!!
  17. Hey , You Know ..... I Just Have To Say To All ! This Site Is Incredible , Simply Because Of All The Ones Who Have Such Amazing Knowledge And Even Take Time Out Of Their Own Lives ....... Who , Even B...
  18. Please Can Anyone Give Me The Info or Imput Of Any Kind On My Tiny Bear ? Thanks !!????
  19. Naturlad Here Just Want To Send You All A Note Of Thanjs To All For your Imput / Info On My Tiny Knife ! Agan Thanks Carol Rutan ????
  20. Oh Wow Scott I Just Want To Say Thanks So Much For All The Info And Research You Did On My Little Photo Frame ! Truly TY , scottvez ????
  21. noob ..... Carol Rutan Here ! I , Put The Trinket Box In For Show And Tell ! I Just Wsnted To Send A Note Of Thanks For Correcting Me With The Correct Meaning Of This Piece ! I Did Not Know The Tru...
  22. swfinluv1 .... Carol Rutan Here ! I Just Wanted To Sed A Note Of Thanks For Your Time for Giving Me Some Feedback On My Stangl Pottery Piece !
  23. Hi PhilDMorris , Carol Rutan Here .... Thanks For The Info So You Think The Porcelain Picture Itself May Have Been In A Different Frame ? I Can't Read The Back Any Better But Then Again I Really...
  24. Anyone Know The Age This Tiny Bear ?
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