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Tray or Dish and what use does it have - Silverin Silver
Coombe Vibrating shuttle treadle sewing machine - Sewingin Sewing


  1. Hi keramikos, Thank you for your kind offer. I have tried some of the translate sites with no luck. I tried to find you email address but couldn't see it. Its Ok I will persist and also ask my...
  2. Hi keramikos, funny you should mention that as i have been trying to convert the PDF will no luck on my part. Yes I will need a hand. Cheers
  3. Hi keramikos, Yes a very considerate person indeed. Hopefully I receive the email Tuesday and see what the manual brings. I will get to the mystery nub's use eventually:) Cheers
  4. Hi, Thank you for your trouble in trying to solve the nub mystery:) I managed to get in touch with the seller on ebay you mentioned and he is going to scan the book and email it to me . A very nic...
  5. Thank you for all you help:) cheers
  6. Thank you all for you very helpful advise. I do think that the nub might be to keep the dresses back in the day away from the treadle area . Just need to find the origins of Coombe but that seem mo...
  7. Hi keramikos, I tested the oil can that came with the machine and it fits just nicely in the well. The footrest is far enough away to avoid any shin damage but I do agree its a protrusion that cou...
  8. Hi keramikos, I have updated the pictures for you to look at more clearly. Coombe is a stencil on both legs. I see a well just underneath the N but can't for the life of me work out what that could ...
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