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  1. When I was a kid my neighbor had that car that car is nuts crazy fantastic
  2. That's fantastic I have one very similar that is a bookend that's bronze I believe that's quite beautiful
  3. Hi how are you today ironically that mail lamp and a different but similar female lamp are for sale in my area that I'm going to look at on the weekend but what's prompted me is that I was researching...
  4. Thank you there as if out of box ;))
  5. Those are fantastic :))
  6. Priceless:)) thank you ;)
  7. That's fantastic:))
  8. WOW:))))
  9. That's beautiful
  10. OMG I love that my Mom had 1 very similar it's beautiful and from when an individual or individuals actually hand crafted
  11. Thank you not bad for 20$ find
  12. :))) those are FANTASTIC!!!!!
  13. How fantastic is love my projects I'm at present working on a crazy. Lowndes glass with Faulkner decorative vines leaves 22" each off floor ceiling compressing pole I'll post soon;))
  14. Thank you very much for your help I should have put that in there now I'm well aware of the fact that it's being a bridge lamp that's my bad we can't find anything with the the ship on the top of it I...
  15. AntiqueRose I change the last picture
  16. Wow that's definitely not my area of expertise but that is beautiful
  17. Wow thank you very much personally myself I think if he asked for helping someone offers you something that they know who am I to debate it thank you very very much for your time and your help
  18. Thank you
  19. Thank you kwqd the orange plastic part not the Lucy drops the orange plastic pot feels exactly like the plastic dog thick plastic that they look like cut crystal dishes my mother in the 70s like per s...
  20. If anyone could please help me to identify what I would classify this lamp as thank you very much humbly Paul. The lamp is 22in to the the bulb socket and total 32 and a 1/2 in X 32 in and the ...
  21. If there were two I love it so I could have just pushed I would have that is fantastic
  22. Strangelet will not so strangely in dog years I'd be gone but I almost remember those make that works from before I was born but they weren't unfamiliar
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Victorian rose carved armchair


posted 1 month ago
posted 13 years ago