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Vintage Enameled Mesh Purses - Art Decoin Art Deco
Oil on canvas of a Infant signed H R L ? and dated Dec 25th 1894 
Tall stamped Chinese paneled vase with birds and flowers. - Asianin Asian
Chinese Blue & White pot found at estate auction. - Asianin Asian
French Watercolor found at estate auction. 
Chinese Vase - Asianin Asian
Victorian? Art Deco? Hanging Lamp. - Lampsin Lamps
My latest auction find.Folk Art Rocking Horse ! - Folk Artin Folk Art
50's Microphones from a $75 box lot! - Radiosin Radios
German Poster - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints


  1. Thanks AmberRose I'll bet they saw some good times!
  2. You have a great eye...I want to go treasure hunting with you! That's a beautiful lamp!
  3. The patent number was issued in 1929. Its an awesome piece for sure!
  4. Thanks Jim! I'll give it a go.
  5. Thanks for the information Jim! With all the reproductions out there are there any tell tale clues as to spot the difference? I know the chances are slim to none that this is the real deal but I knew ...
  6. Thanks decosound! They all work! I was pretty sure they would being from an era where things were built to last forever! Sure wish it was like that today...
  7. Sweet! And I agree with your comment...a great time period! I miss those old Hot Rod days!
  8. LOL...My bad...It's a Kiyonaga reproduction by Publisher Watanabe.Thanks for helping me find that out Dave!
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Large Japanese Moriage 1950's Scarce/Rare Atom Jet #58 Yonezawa Japan Tin Litho Friction Furturistic Race Car 1950's Lumar Delivery Tractor/trailer gorgeous Art Deco Frankart clock with pair of semi-nude girls unusual cast iron lamp - fireplace with 2 nude children!! Ronson Bronze lamp Art deco lamp-old reproduction? A cool old electric Board, may be a  apprentice piece ??? Art Deco styled service station with showroom for cars Minnesota beer cans Bausch & Lomb Magnifying Glass's... 1958 Guild T-100 (I think)  What do you think


United States Auto Club lighter