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Pam is a Hand-Quilter/ Teacher/ Pastry Chef. Her specialties are hand quilting & reproduction 18th & 19th Century fabrics/ quilts. J.C. cleans and oils Pam's FeathPam is a Hand-Quilter/ Teacher/ Pastry Chef. Her specialties are hand quilting & reproduction 18th & 19th Century fabrics/ quilts. J.C. cleans and oils Pam's Featherweights. Our collection consists of specialty 221's to include Very "Early" Pre-War 221's, Blacksides, Crinkles, a rare Centennial M.R., Mexican/ Spanish variations, Beige, Celery, 222k, Red "S" and numerous "Specialty-Badged" 221's including; a badged 1939 (1938) Golden Gate Exposition, a badged 1940 (1939) Golden Gate Exposition, a badged 1936 (1935) Texas Exposition, & badged 1934 (1933) Century of Progress machines. I addition to the Singer Featherweights we have other models badged & exhibited at the World Fairs i.e., 15-91, 66, 99, 600, 603E, White 764 etc. We also have a unique group of 4 variations of the ELNA "Grasshopper" as well as a "scarce" "Demo-Cutaway" Grasshopper. And a fine group demonstrating the evolution of the "Standard Sewhandy/ Ossan. Our collection continues to grow and currently we're adding Singer Model 24's, Early Bernina's, Miniature Singer Model 20's in all colors and a Pfaff or two...Oh yeah Wheeler & Wilson and Willcox & Gibbs... (Read more)


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"1939" C.N.E. Singer 15-91 - Sewingin Sewing
"New York World's Fair 1964-1965" Singer 603E - Sewingin Sewing
My White "Fair Lady" - New York World's Fair 1964-1965 - Sewingin Sewing
"Sewhandy" the precursor to the Singer "Featherweight" - Sewingin Sewing
"New York World's Fair 1964-1965" Singer 600 - Sewingin Sewing
'33-'34 "Chicago World's Fair" Singer Collection - Sewingin Sewing
"1933 Century of Progress" Singer Badge - Sewingin Sewing
Singer Salesman's "Tool-Case" - Sewingin Sewing
Singer  Badges &  Pinbacks - Sewingin Sewing
"Hand Crank - Chain Stitch" Rivals - Sewingin Sewing


  1. Seam M. McClain Brown; Contact me regarding your White Sewing machine...
  2. There are very few known "Texas Centennial 1836-1936" badged Singer sewing machines. We are proud to have found this thanks to Leo Kujat of theFeatherweight221Factory. It's a beauty! It will be a Sat ...
  3. future111, I have not seen a 220 V motor with the yellow script - would love to see a few pictures. You can email me at
  4. You do have a unique Singer Model 201-2. Very rarely seen with the Texas Centennial badge....Congratulations! If you should ever find another..Please contact me!!
  5. Thanks for the comments..They sew a great "chain-stitch"!! Pam & J.C. Elliott
  6. TheFinder - certainly...but I'll need more information i.e., style of the machine, details to include the full serial number.. Thanks, J.C.
  7. Nice #20. Your sewing machine is the 1st model of Toy, Miniature, Childs machines made between 1910 and 1914 as noted by the 4-spoke handwheel and lack of tension adjuster - becoming very rare today.....
  8. A Great find...I've been looking for one of these for quite awhile...and it appears in nice condition.....Thanks for sharing...J.C. Elliott
  9. The Singer Model 47 Cabinet was regularly supplied with the 15-91. This example is in "original" used, abused, dripped on, chipped, stained, coffee cupped, condition. Other than a cleaning, it will re...
  10. The "5" Blacksides" have now found their new homes with our daughters. The girls arrived from around the country to celebrate their Mother's Birthday and Mom's Day, assembled "Burrito Pillowcases", a...
  11. skadifirst; STOP NOW..It only gets worse and totally uncontrollable! (Thanks for your comments...we appreciate it!) Pam & J.C. Elliott
  12. AR8Jason, Yes, I have seen two different kinds of cases used by Singer Rep's. 1) a metal case about 18-20" wide by 14-16" high. with a tool / parts drawer or two. The other was leather, similar to a ...
  13. Thanks for the comment...we appreciate it... Pam & J.C. Elliott
  14. Thanks for your kind comments.... We appreciate it very much. Pam & J.C. Elliott
  15. One of the pictures features a variety of machine "badges" that Singer attached to their machines..there are many more...
  16. The book,"The First Conglomerate" by Bissel tells us that one of the major reasons for the declaine in SINGER was that they didn't introduce the "Zig-Zag" sewing machine in the United States soon eno...
  17. They are hartd to find....haven't seen any in over 10 months...I'm sure they're just around the corner ;-) J.C.
  18. Thanks for the comments...yes there are "4" distinct variations of the Grasshopper as pictured above.... 4 different machines with 4 different cases... For more information see the Yahoo group discus...
  19. Thanks for your commenst - much appreciated... Pam
  20. Thanks everyone for you comments...It too is a very hard-to-find edition of the Singer 66! J.C.
  21. Thanks for the comments...It IS a very hard to find edition of the Singer 99... J.C.
  22. Would you be able to add a close-up of the badge? You have a very desirable model and one rarely seen. Thanks for sharing! Pam & J.C. Elliott
  23. Nancy, Thank you...we've been fortunate in finding some scarce/ rare pieces for our group. This particular machine has little to no vibration and runs "s m o o t h !" It's a "little sweetie" Pam & ...
  24. Thanks for your comments, We've been fortunate in acquiring the pieces to our group...there are many more "Rare" "Scarce", & "one-of-a-kinds" out there!
  25. Rod, Can you tell me more about the case i.e., type of handle, leather, are there corner support posts for a tray inside the case? etc... So little info is available, about the organizers, it's hard...
  26. A quick note regarding the "Corduroy Oganizers"; The machine accompaning the Style #1 case has a "Birthdate" of Oct. 10, 1938 and the 221 featured with the #2 style case is dated "December 5th, 1939"...
  27. The colors & wood (maple?) remind me of the late '40's. It is definitely a "new-to-me" item but appears a very desirable for its uniqueness! Congratulations! J.C.
  28. A Great Collection! Can you add more pictures and anymore details of yur machines? Thanks again! J.C.
  29. Norma, FYI, There a variety of cases that housed the Singer 99, predominately the tweed case pictured and a "Bentwood" case with domed top and keyed. Thanks for your comment. Pam & J.C.
  30. a Beautiful Free-Arm!
  31. Thank you so much for the kind comments. We appreciate it. Truth be told, of the Featherweights we do have, one, the first my wife purchased in the late '80's, a Pre-War II 1936 model, is her most p...
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Singer 222 Egyptian Scroll Featherweight -- Arlene singer sewing new home/koma clock/longfellows poems "Hanson" Scale from the late 40's- early 50's Wood Tool Unknown Origin and Use Knitting Basket Stand ~1901 Singer Treadle Sewing Machine my lovely 222k featherweight Singer-Featherweight sewing machine, 1950, 22-1. Antique Singer Sewing Machine 1800's traveling swiss clock with 13 jewels inside.


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