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Asian tiny cup signed - Asianin Asian
Handbag has a tag New York,New York Genuine Leather made in U.S.A. - Accessoriesin Accessories
Oil Painting by Corbusier Vase and Flowers - Fine Artin Fine Art
Pottery Sculpture - Native Americanin Native American
African Landscape Vintage Oil Painting - Fine Artin Fine Art
Three tier glass serving tray - Glasswarein Glassware
Folk Art Goddard's Williamsburg Americana  - Folk Artin Folk Art
Penn State Football Signed Blue and White Day - Footballin Football
Wood Block Print Asian - Asianin Asian
Block Art Picture Japan Vintage - Fine Artin Fine Art


  1. Yes for a novice like me it is wonderful have to have a place to go to. Where so many experts are so willing to help you. I learn a lot and I love that. Pat
  2. Super Thank You Vetraio50 great to have this information. Pat
  3. I cannot believe the expertise of all of you on this wonderful site. Thank You for the comments I love learning from all of you Pat
  4. Thank you all so much for your information does anyone know an age of it?
  5. Thank you CanyonRoad for your comment I will research on the Dhurrie. I thought the design was Native American or Medico but I could only guess on that Pat
  6. Hi Dizzydave Thank You for your response I am not positive of the material I would say plaster material the base is wood
  7. Vetriaio, racerfour4, Aura, Brunswick Thank you also for your likes Pat
  8. Thank you windwalker yes it is really well done with the soft colors
  9. Thank you glassiegirl I will try that
  10. Thank You welzebud, for your comment, I guess the sticker was incorrect on the item.
  11. Thanks so much everyone for your comments
  12. Great information Shrine it is so wonderful the meticulous record keeping with the Asian culture when you think in 1000's of years. So much to learn your expert information is most helpful for a non e...
  13. Shrine Thank you for the mark information just one question please when you comment they are young, how young are we talking about? China is very old and I am not sure of the scale of time you are re...
  14. Kyratango Who would of ever known? You are good So happy to know this information. Thank You so much for helping me
  15. Dizzydave Thank You that is awesome info, I will contact them Pat
  16. Thank You That is just great to know. Yes I was not able to find anything either.
  17. Thanks racer4four for your comment
  18. Thank You
  19. Hi sorry I did not realize you responded about this painting was trying to know the artist name thanks Pat
  20. Thank you so much I get it now. I was going to have it cleaned it is dark but guess it may not be worth it. You have been very informative . Pat
  21. Hi Thank You for the information I was having trouble trying to find the artist name? Would this be more helpful to know this information?
  22. THANKS AGAIN Canyon Road you have helped me so much. I thought they looked well made had no idea they were an import. I will not use them for food only have them on a shelf. Thanks again for your g...
  23. Thank You for the comment on the item I have not been able to find these on line anywhere so I am glad you responded any idea of age or the coating used.
  24. You sure came through Kyratango they look identitcal thanks so much and you to Efesgirl amazing how this helped as a group you to Davyd286 Thanks so much Pat
  25. Thank You I will take your advice I totally agree. I am trying to get a start the pictures listed are items I have tried to find out about there ia a great coop near me for vintage items and have a g...
  26. Hi have added more photos requested thanks for any info
  27. Hi Thanks so much for your reply... narrowing it down is helpful for me, I adore Asian items but am such a novice at it but learning is a step process. Thanks again
  28. Hi Thanks I am at work but will compleste a new phote per your request and add tomorrow Thanks for helping Pat
  29. Hi yes I agree they are beautiful and I wish I knew more about them? I to cannot find anything on them? Thanks for your comment
  30. Thank you also everyone has been so helpful on this site this is the first time I have tried it any idea of the age. It is great to know everyone likes it
  31. Hi Thank You I have never heard of slush mold I was wondering what the pile of straw or wheat,rice? I just added the signature mark also not sure of the country?
  32. Thanks for your comment, Yes it could be.. but I cannot be positive the signature is it Japan or China and who would be the maker?
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Three tier glass serving tray Folk Art Goddard's Williamsburg Americana 1969 SuperBowl IV Champion Chiefs Autographed Football Tiny Houses Argentina Asian art two pictures