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English document written in 1577? - Paperin Paper
What is this? 
1864 German military document - what is it? - Paperin Paper
1938 "At Escort!" Song written in Berlin, Germany - Paperin Paper
Who's stationery is this? - Paperin Paper
Young Catholics Association letter to General Charette - Paperin Paper
Can anyone identify this ocean front scene? - Photographsin Photographs
Can anyone identify this beach? - Postcardsin Postcards
Antique Raised Panama Canal Topo Postcard - Postcardsin Postcards
Is this man in these WWII RPPCs anyone important? - Postcardsin Postcards


  1. Wow! Thank you so much for that great information!
  2. Maybe the organization is French-Canadian? But, Charette is French and the document is certainly from America, so I guess there's a lot going on here!
  3. Someone has suggested the man is John Steinbeck, but I don't think the resemblance is too strong.
  4. In the top photo it looks like the man is reviewing a map/document with the group of soldiers. I thought it was US Army, but I am not sure about the hat the officer on the left side of the photo is we...
  5. The gist of the letter is a man "D. Wilkinson" of Bradford, is writing his sister and brother Albert Griswold, who is a machinist in Lowell. Wilkinson thinks of Griswold and his sister often, but has ...
  6. The "blue image" is often referred to as a cyanotype. Here is a link to a brief overview of the cyanotype printing process:
  7. Thanks for the love FortApache
  8. "Uncle Dudley", as he was known, loved telling stories, but unfortunately it seems though he never told that one! At least not in public lol
  9. Interestingly, he once stood for inspection by President Lincoln during the war. The National Park Service site does not offer much (
  10. He seems to have become a very successful businessman after the war.
  11. Thanks for the info! I found out his name is Dudley Page, and according to the Civil War Soldier's Index he was discharged with the rank of private in the Union army. It says he was mustered into the ...
  12. AnythingObscure, I didn't even notice that! Could it be a flag pole?
  13. Interesting! I think the tobacco signs have to do with the hair dressing place and not a separate company. Incidentally, there was a seller of tobacco and a hairdresser both living in the "City Hotel"...
  14. It is definitely not Morley's Hotel in London or Morley's Hotel in Morley, NY based on period photos I found online of each of the hotels.
  15. Thank you Scottvez for the help with the date!
  16. PhilDMorris, I'm located in Massachusetts. This was found with a lot of paper from the Lowell, MA area. It looks too rural to be Lowell, even at that time though.
  17. I noticed a lot of the boys are holding kepis. One does have letters on the front but even the original photo magnified is unreadable.
  18. Good call PoliticalPinbacks! Maybe this is Spanish-American war era?
  19. Brunswick, I wish! I just looked up pictures of Alcatraz, but didn't see too many pre-federal prison photos, and even then I didn't see any with the fortified walls. But it must be some type of fort w...
  20. Thanks Gillian. That does make sense, but I wonder why accounting documents would be printed like this? It seems like there would be no need to have a significant amount of copies. It probably would h...
  21. Ah, now I see it!
  22. Thank you both so much!
  23. Thank you vetraio50. May I ask how you translated the code? I would have never thought of that lol
  24. I know nothing about antique furniture, or railroad items, so I am really not the right person to ask. Could you post a photo of the inside where the little door is? Is it similar to a closet?
  25. The plaque says W&M RR, so I would think this belonged in a train car...
  26. I never considered that. I thought the piece with the instructions is some sort of switch but it seems like it is either off or on, so would it be an early electrical/battery switch?
  27. Great research! The photo is definitely similar in appearance. I'm not 100% sure but I think that's the closest I'll get!
  28. Interesting. The instructions mention a button switch controlling lights in the cellar, which I assumed would mean it involved electricity, even though the note says the battery was changed.
  29. I'm pretty sure its General Jimmy Doolittle actually: Still no luck with th...
  30. Thanks for the help. He definitely is wearing an air force patch on his sleeve and he's a 3 star general.
  31. Hello, What great images! I did not see a photographer's mark on the front of the photographers. Could you send me an email at I can try to help identify the photographer. ...
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"Postals" Box Civil War Stereoview of Burial of Dead PASSING EYE MIRROR


Little orphan Annie and the Haunted Mansion, Golden Age, Circa 1941