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1955 United Shuffle Alley - Coin Operatedin Coin Operated
u pop it/minit pop/popcorn shop popcorn machine coin operated - Coin Operatedin Coin Operated


  1. Well I was hoping you had got a machine!! If you ever need anything just hit me up! Cheers!
  2. Wow that is a gem!!...Very nice..
  3. Awesome sign...very cool....
  4. Im just starting on another one of these popcorn machines... I will post pics soon.. These machines are way cool to watch.. Its a shame we dont see things like this made anymore...we lost are inventiv...
  5. Thanks eccentric1 for the love.... the machine is fun to play...im now doing a ball bowler of this time period..lol..
  6. Awesome sign...the rust just gives it that vintage look...very nice.. I notice you have or been trying to get a hold of me on a project of yours? Sorry I have been out of country for sometime...What i...
  7. Thanks Signaholic, Im now doing up a united ball bowler.. there a blast to play!!
  8. Thanks everyone for all the love!!...lol
  9. Kathycat... Thanks for the love! It makes awesome popcorn...lol.. Tastes just like the theaters but better ha ha...hot n fresh!
  10. That is a gem of a sign! Nice pick.. :)
  11. Im waiting for spring also ha ha ... But by looking at some of the pics on your machine I can see a few things that will need attention before it will pop corn..But i wasnt sure if these pics were tak...
  12. packrat-place thanks for stopping buy :)
  13. Cool machine... Ive restored a few myself... Im currently doing one now...But im trying to round up some parts for it.. what I cant find I will reproduce.. :)
  14. Designer.. thanks for stopping by and for the love cheers :)
  15. ha ha very cool jumbo hammer... I have a few like it...one is in nice shape while the other two are a bit more rough.. I was told they were used for wood tent stakes or circus type tents... :)
  16. If it operates with out a coin mech on free play... I wouldnt look for one to hard either... Very nice juke box... It caught my eye right away :D
  17. Very cool juke box.. If it is missing the coin mech im sure you could find one somewhat easy...lol.. Once again very cool!
  18. Deltaarnet, scandinavian_pieces, thanks for stopping by and for the love...lol..
  19. leighannrn thanks for the love!!!
  20. BELLIN68 thanks for the love ... :)
  21. I just want to thank everyone for the love :) thanks so much...Brian...
  22. WOW...what a collection...its going to take some time to take it all in.. :-)
  23. Thanks bratjdd :)
  24. Thanks retroechoes :) I love restoring things back to there original state...that seems to be the thrill for me... thanks again for your nice comment... Brian...
  25. Very cool find... he just maybe the new american picker :) Keep pickin!
  26. Thanks officialfuel.. Theres nothing better then tearing it down and bringing it back to life.. These are cool machines... I think is gets used more now then back in the day :)
  27. Very nice machine... :)
  28. Advertising clocks are some of the coolest clocks! Love it ...very cool... :-)
  29. Thanks jamiedpt for the comment.. Im new to this site and love it already..I will post more of my projects in time... I have a few more of these machines to do yet and all the other goodies one colle...
  30. Very cool machine.. If you have any questions about these type of machines let me know... Be glad to help :-) Did you pop any popcorn through it yet?
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