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Not really a collector but ended up with my folks collection. They were big collectors.


Weaving & dead bead belt - Native Americanin Native American
More dolls that I will look up, oh no - Dollsin Dolls
Old grandfather clock - Clocksin Clocks
Early blanc de chine vase, but don’t know other two - Asianin Asian
Small Asian figures  - Asianin Asian
Don’t know anything about this doll.  - Dollsin Dolls
Asian pottery figures  - Dollsin Dolls
I think it’s robin hood  - Dollsin Dolls
Know anything about this - Dollsin Dolls


  1. Wow Manikin, you are amazing. I looked up & see why You would say that. But seems like those ones have marks on back of neck. This one does not as far as I can see. I will double check. Thank you fo...
  2. Vynil33rpm, Now that’s funny lol
  3. Manikin, I figured that. LOL
  4. Manikin, you are sooo right. He does look a bit like the Morris man. Colors don’t seem correct but in general, close. I see it’s keeping your mind going. I hope your not sorry you ever saw him. LOL ...
  5. Manikin, I’m cracking up because I can see this could keep you up at night. LOL I see your passion and desire to solve the mystery. Some how I to feel like it could be advertising for some reason. T...
  6. Yes, it is the one that has my thumb in it. Wow, I’m amazed at how you can do that Manikin. You just saved me a lot of research. LOL thank you thank you.
  7. Manikin, I took a look and you truly have great experience. I feel honored that you shared your wisdom with me. Thank you so much.
  8. Oops, chair picture got uploaded by mistake
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