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40+ year model train collector, prototype railroad enthusiast (as is often the case), but I'm not a "rivet counter".


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Volume One, 1934 The Model Railroader - Model Trainsin Model Trains
The lindberg Line - Model Trainsin Model Trains
Early HO boxcar models of a famous prototype  - Model Trainsin Model Trains
Same car, different scale (and different numbers) - Model Trainsin Model Trains
Cox Model Trains - Model Trainsin Model Trains
One of a kind? - Model Trainsin Model Trains
UP 844 - Railroadianain Railroadiana
Athearn GP30 - Model Trainsin Model Trains
Hobo locomotives, by Pacemaker - Model Trainsin Model Trains
Bachmann (Kader) HO Locomotives - Model Trainsin Model Trains


  1. Your appreciation, and kind remarks, have certainly brightened my day. I've never ridden behind these, but, in 1984, I rode behind the NW 611, which was also active, at that time. I found out, then, t...
  2. My favorite "generation" of EMD. I'm very much an F unit fan, and these rate a close second. Love the sound of their engines, which were very distinct sounding. Visibility on these was actually b...
  3. The Santa Fe used this type of caboose, in the plain jane caboose red, almost like an automotive primer color. I remember seeing dozens of the type, right into the 1980's, on the trains I'd watch. Som...
  4. Awesome model, in great condition, still doing its thing! Not sure those ever came out in the "Black Widow" scheme, either the models, or the prototypes, though, even though I'm in my mid 50's, there'...
  5. Good eye! However, that one looks to have been damaged, by being pinched in something, after it was minted. They reason I say that is the rim, around the edge. Notice it begins to flatten out, quite a...
  6. Some excellent sources of Athearn history arecout there. Greenburg jas done a very good job of chronicling many model railroad makers, including Athearn. Also, two gentlemen, Tim Blaisdel and Ed Urmst...
  7. Athearn's diesels owed no apologies, to anybody, did they? They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I don't know how much you have done, with the old Life Like Proto 2000 line, but t...
  8. I rather liked the zebra stripes. That was, as far as I've been able to find, discontinued in 1966, with the introduction of blue boxes. I have several of these, but have yet to find one mint in the b...
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HObbyline Train sets. Searching For The Erie Railroad Taking a Ride in a GP-9 Locomotive Railroad Hardware and Miniature Counterparts three more boxes of 'old LIONEL model train' stuff Athearn HO Guage Cupola Caboose Steel Body Southern Pacific Old School Athearn Diesel Electric Locomotives Athearn HO Gauge Santa Fe EMD GP9 Locomotives PENN LINE Reading Crusaders, HO Scale 1957 Revell HO SCALE 0-6-0 Locomotive Athern HO Gauge Model Train Locomotives


My idea of what the HObbyline Special sets 1955 made for Lloyd's Hobby shop of Baltimore Md looks like. Athearn HO Guage GP38-2 Locomotive in The Southern Pacific Black Widow Paint Scheme Polaroid camera