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My biggest passion is European Antiques...mostly French, English. I have been blessed with the opportunity to go to France, Belgium and Germany and more countries tMy biggest passion is European Antiques...mostly French, English. I have been blessed with the opportunity to go to France, Belgium and Germany and more countries to buy some wonderful pieces. I have studied and collected for about 20 years. It's a true passion! (Read more)


 My Roman Pendant -Silver 1-4 BC  - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Estate Ring find- 2.5kt Sapphire 24kt gold- many many diamonds..  - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Refinished Steamer Dome top trunk - 1860's  - Furniturein Furniture
Thank you Gramma for this Pitcher and Wash bowl and bucket? Adderley  - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Bought in Belgium but is it French? Is date correct?  - Furniturein Furniture
Victorian Urn??? I bought this in METZ France- heavy 7 lbs!  - Victorian Erain Victorian Era
Bought in France, Wine pourer? Stunning ornate  Jousting scene- help!!!!?? - Potteryin Pottery


  1. Lol well that isnt vintage to me at all...i was in highschool then.....i thought it was more like 50s or 60s...all in all its a great ring and i dont care when it was created..thanks!!! -:)
  2. thank you Scott, have no desire to chat with him anymore...he's rude in my opinion.. I agree with your assessment Scott, i thought 1800's too...it really doesn't matter. Thanks much!
  3. thanks blunder! i do love it. :) thanks for all your input! :)
  4. love this!
  5. Thanks Ho2cultcha...I posted a couple of pics, can only add 4 at a time and the inside of this cabinet is filled to the brim with stuff so i can't get inside nor the backside pics without completely e...
  6. Stillwater, thank you! i kinda figured it might be but now to date when they made pattern numbers this way...victorian? before? Mary, thanks for your input! none of us have considered that. My fam...
  7. Yes thank you..i know...better pics required.
  8. Love your garage and taste..nice!!
  9. the drawers are all dove tail, nice...and the locks are original old locks.
  10. love this!! stunning!!
  11. ps...i bought my pair at an antique auction! over 20 years ago....now i know to always find the "mark" and even then, so many out there recreate to deceive...keep digging, maybe you'll find out somet...
  12. beautiful! just stunning!!
  13. i had two similar ones that sat on my mantle for many years. Hand painted, Japanese vases, however with no marking on the bottom/body..this is most likely a reproduction Japanese vase that i'm sure i...
  14. not a one...nothing i can see on the bottom and i've looked all through the body...i can't imagine something being made like this and have nothing showing who/where it came from.....i love it though!
  15. oh i agree! i have all sorts of goodies in it...my roman coin and artifact collection...some old books from the 1600's - 1800's and a few other fun things. I love love love my steamer trunk!
  16. Yes Ozark still has the aviation school. My husband is a Longbow Apache instructor here and i work on the aviation contract here..(Gov contract)....we were born in the 60's...ha! Yeah it's a pretty ...
  17. HAHAHA!!! I'm in Enterprise AL...But from San Antonio...we are military. :) Nice to meet you both! glad you lost your aksent Blunder!! hahaha Nite nite Amber!
  18. fairly new girl??? heck i don't know! hahahaha
  19. Hahaha! Illinois! The bottle would be long empty by the time you arrived...whew that's a lonnnnnnggggg haul. You're up there where it's COLD! well, it was a fun thought....i'll have a drink and thin...
  20. Girl i have a fully stocked bar right here with MANY bottles of wine..or any other goodies you might desire. :) Come on by! I'm in the deep south. :)
  21. thank you!!! i almost thought you were calling me a bad word...FNG! haha! :)
  22. Aw Thanks Amber! This is a fun place! i love looking at everyone's goodies! :)
  23. ok, so that one has a different shape and one that makes more sense to me. This one can be for Wine! and ICE bucket! ha! thanks Amber!
  24. Ah AmberRose! there's a set! thanks! I have never seen another like this...cool!
  25. oops sorry! it's a fairly large bucket larger than a standard bathroom trash can...lol..i sure hope it's not a chamber pot but in the early 1900's, i'm sure that was still going on in England... It's...
  26. i will take some...that whole room is rather dark, i have a bunch of very dark antiques in that room and it makes the whole room look dark. I will try to get some better ones. :)
  27. Thank you Anne! I have had fun thinking about your possibilities! I've often thought, I would give anything if any of my items from Europe could talk and tell me their own history! oh that would be m...
  28. it's very unusual to have a wood carved antique base with a glass piece on top. To me, it looks to be a table that used to be all wood and someone came along and did a custom piece by adding glass to...
  29. I have a restored version of this exact trunk! it's stunning..i paid $350 for my restored trunk. It's absolutely worth the repairs..I agree with Drill above. Mine is about 1860's trunk and I also be...
  30. fab price!!! holy cow you did good! keep them polished! ha!
  31. It looks Japanese.. I had two similar but smaller versions of these on my mantle for 20 years (they were only 2 feet tall) but mine were antique reproductions. In the late 1800's and early 1900's thi...
  32. Does it still have the lock? get a magnifying glass and look at the lock mechanism and check for any writing...it's easier to get an exact date if it has writing on the lock...as long as it's original...
  33. Ah Fab price!! i have two of these, Victorian Era steamer trunks. Yours is a dome top and still has the original compartment tray that you lift out. This compartment would have held some ladies item...
  34. thank you for the idea!! this is a jousting event though...i do believe it's French as the colors did seem to line up properly. I welcome any ideas and thank you for taking the time!! Maybe it's ...
  35. what an awesome find!!! British for sure and probably from the first settlers over here. Would love to know the story behind it! I can't imagine what the little hole in the bottom is for.. It would h...
  36. it's awesome!! looks Victorian to me! wow, if only it could speak!
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A very cool J G Requile Ironwork Cabinet Cuff Bracelet Antique French Victorian Round Back His and Hers Chairs Davenport Desk Japanese Meiji Vase in very nice condition. Refinished Antique Wall Trunk - Love THIS Trunk French? cased glass finger bowl? dad found at garage sale Hump back trunk any info please? Trunk Front Clasps - Very interesting - Magic Hand me down trunk Vintage WM Rogers 1881 Sterling Silver Shakers Large Japanese Moriage Dug this in my own yard, what is it? oval gilt brass coat of arms, need help 4" h 2 1/2"w My Chinese Final Resting Place