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Vittorio Zecchin Vase, Venini, 1928, large pp., unmarked - Art Glassin Art Glass


  2. just change the end of the link 1 into 2, 3, 4 - 12 and Steve - its just about the colour - not about the technique.
  4. http://www.himm...
  5. Here is the proof: The violett tone is 1:1 the same as one their Streifen und Flecken used one. All violetts are misinterpreted because of one or two big locations.
  6. To colours: Loetz produced more than just one violet purple tone - they had many. Why has Loetz here in this forum just one tone with violett? There are so many blue tones and I have one in Oran...
  7. To make it short. If noone has an orignal price tag of Loetz or Kralik, if noone has any original book of Kralik, if noone has any rare film material which shows that kind of vases on a big event - th...
  8. Iridescent vases and the finish was a secret that no firm shared with other firms. Its the same with Coca Cola tresure - I think that Americans here will know better than me. That was connected dir...
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?? Loetz with sterling silver?? Vittorio Zecchin Vase, Venini, 1928, large pp., unmarked Kralik Streifen und Flecken, circa 1900