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My favorite lure Wixcox Wiggler - Fishingin Fishing


  1. Unless its like a bober is there a light in the round thing ?
  2. Measure just the wood body.
  3. Your lure is called a "Jigger" Made by the Creek Chub bait CO, IN 1935 Check the length of your lure there is a 3 5/8 one and a 3 1/4" in my ID book they say the 3 1/4" is a very rare baby Jigger. bo...
  4. Looks mint ? no cancel mark ?
  5. Its a "Martin" lure, if you go to the lure page on this site you will see one that on ebay its bid up to $110.00 with box.
  6. Most diving lips are attached with two screws, it looks like this one is soldered to the body also the hook hangers are usually attached with small screws. I will glance through my books and see if i ...
  7. Hi John your lure is called (Spoon-Tail) its a #9100 small 2 1/2" made by the creek chub bait co. IN 1954 value 20/30
  8. Very nice i would take it to the antiques road show when they in your area. Again thanks for sharing.
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