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I collect oil lamps, antique glass of many types, doll houses, too many things to list.


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  1. I know the one on the right is called the Lincoln Drape. It's complete with it's shade and highly sought after. Probably worth about 20. I have one like the one in the center. Not sure who made it...
  2. I had this truck when I was a kid. Probably still have the truck but the dogs and lid were gone long, long ago. Thanks for the memories.
  3. I found this old forum post from 2009 that reads. Prewar double seater model "Juwel" (jewel) by Hans Hart of Munich, one early maker (1923-63). The "Juwel" was produced from 1932 to 1936. The k...
  4. I have several American made FOLBOT's similar to this German made. Most in Germany were made during the war so soldier's could take it with them across ground and then escape capture across water. ...
  5. Here's a link to Dryad manufacturer. Wonder if they were caning tools?
  6. Wow love it! It's beautiful. I love pheasants. Used to raise them. My screen name is actually a mixed up version of the word pheasant. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Dryad manufactured weaving tools. My first thought was some sort of rug making tool. Is there a hole at the point of the tool where yarn could be threaded through the side opening and out the point?...
  8. Wow beautiful collection. Love the intricate designs.
  9. Looks to me like it reads from Robert and 'Benne'? Jean
  10. I have several of these from my Father. I remember how he used to use them. I've used them myself. Brings back fond memories of Dad.
  11. Yes, they used to be readily available in 5 and dime stores. I have a few of them. I however peeled off the paper labels. They also made larger animals. I have a few horses that are around 5-6 inc...
  12. Here's where you can get your parts or at least find out what you're missing then look for a cheaper place to buy them.
  13. I was originally a central draft burner.
  14. It's a common Miller Vestal lamp. They were made with Nickel. This on has had the original oil lamp burner replaced by a brass electrical adapter. When electricity was invented they replaced oil bu...
  15. This is called a silver certificate.
  16. Possibly Meerchaum. Check this site for possible match.
  17. Is there writing on knob? That is where manufactures marking's normally are.
  18. The tube is the name of the subway in London.
  19. The triangle pins are the second and third armored division logo's. The ones on the green felt are lapel pins. The crosses with pistol and tank weapons are medals given when they pass instruction fo...
  20. What dimensions? Could be a part for a Central Draft oil lamp if around 2 inches across. Otherwise, if larger from a kerosene heater burner.
  21. You may find the makers mark at this site. Looks like a toast rack to me.
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