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Costa Mesa, CA

Mid Century Modern everything, California pottery, 19th century industrial artifacts, Baseball, surfing, graphic design


  1. I emailed the fine folks at Bauer and they responded that this is certainty NOT Bauer Pottery. The mystery remains: what is RBP?
  2. Oh wow! Thanks for going the extra mile!
  3. Thank you dav2no1 Just wish I could find provenance from a Bauer source like an ad, catalog… Many listing making the claim these are Bauer… I just can’t rely on that I wonder what RBP stands for ?...
  4. Thank you "mp.kunst"! That's a big help. So nice to have provenance when selling. I felt pretty sure it was a Lee Reynolds, just nice ti have a reference point. Best to you!
  5. Nothing better than finding treasure in your own garage... even if you put it there in the first place... Har har! Best!
  6. Actually I am in California - Orange County. I grew up in East LA, block from US Pottery of Paramount. If only I knew then what I know now! I find so many similar shapes and glazes of the various p...
  7. Thank you! The green one looks like treasure Craft with the wood grain texture on the bottom. They are mostly identical either than that. Quite the Wild West during this period with pottery compani...
  8. I have one of these without any advertising on it. What years were these made?
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