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Axe head circa 1832 - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
My mother's doll - early 20th century I think - Dollsin Dolls
my mother's OLD toy sewing machine - Sewingin Sewing
Old Red Glass pieces - Glasswarein Glassware
A few Savoy Gold China pieces - Potteryin Pottery


  1. "Made in Germany" is stamped in ink or paint on the base. The number on the horizontal surface is "No. 8 1903".
  2. Again, thanks. From what I can see of the back of the head (I don't know how the hair is attached and I'm afraid of damaging something), I don't think it could have that much marking. But the constr...
  3. Thanks for the info, Vesta. Correct... the clothes aren't original, presumably also not the wig. I was not able to find any numbers or markings anywhere, though I confess I didn't take her clothes c...
  4. No name on the sewing machine at all. "Made in Germany" is stamped on the base.
  5. And... I just found an antique dealer's listing for a Cameron piece, and the stamp on the bottom is identical to that on the two pieces we have. According to that listing, they were making the stuff ...
  6. Aha... my eyes are old and up past my bedtime . But I guess I do see a difference in color. (My wife is always pointing out to me what color things really are - LOL)
  7. All right... now ya got me wrackin' my brain to figure out what movie you're talkin' 'bout - LOL
  8. No, the shakers aren't marked. The two (unlabelled) larger pieces have the "24K - made in USA" on bottom, and seem to be the same color inside as the Savoy tulip vase.
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