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English Silver plate tea service - Silverin Silver


  1. Still haven't solved this mystery. But I am still in doubt it is silver plate. If it were it would have an EP or SP on the marks but is clearly ends with an "S". It's is still driving me nuts to not...
  2. Did not know the Celts revered dogs so much! Interesting read on their symbols.
  3. Hmmmm interesting. It does resemble that. Will do more research on the Celtic dogs. Thanks!
  4. Wow how odd. I saw something in my reading about that mark being before Sheffield was called Sheffield. But as you stated could not find confirmation or a year. Thanks !
  5. Thank you all for your help. I am excited to find out the origin etc of this piece.
  6. This was the closest I found using that Old English looking font.
  7. I had the same trouble, Hunter. The web may be a limited resource. No ref books here. Thanks so much for the help everyone. Can't wait to find out what those animals are doing on there.
  8. When I zoom in it really looks as though the 4 dog heads are biting the snakes bodies?
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