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I love Art nouveau and Art deco, glass, porcelain and silver. But I really love any combination of these things. :)


Bohemian Orange-Black Tango liqueur set unsigned - Art Glassin Art Glass
Bohemian (Harrach or Josephinenhütte?) late 19th. c. enameled black glass lamp base (or vase) - Art Glassin Art Glass
Bohemian or French glass perfume bottle, entirely covered w. sterling silver - Bottlesin Bottles
Bohemian Tango vase with silver composit enamel decoration (unsigned) - Art Glassin Art Glass
Amazing acid cut cameo bowl, monochrome, not signed (French? Bohemian?) - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Thank s for the info Marty! :)
  2. #ozmarty ...and I’m still the proud owner. I just love this black beauty! :)
  3. Thank you ozmarty, for your opinion, and the links. Those pieces quite similar to mine. I really like that beautiful custard vase, that' simply amazing! Oh! One more thing before I forget: No B words ...
  4. Thank you! This set is one of my favorite. Delicate and playful. :)
  5. Well yes. Pictures about these vases are convincing. My set is definitely Bimini. Thank you for your great help! :)
  6. Yes I have a small collection of Tango barware and a set of pink Tango sherbets, you can see them here: https://picasaweb.google.com/v.dokupil/A3TangoGlassesCzechGlassesAndNotReallyCzechGlassesO?auth...
  7. Thanks for the comments, I am happy you like this set! :) Actually I purchased it many years ago at eBay as "Bimini Tango", but I have never seen Tango from Bimini Werkstatte. I just found on the net ...
  8. Yeey! I have a vase w. same color and similar silver deposit decor, you can see it here: https://picasaweb.google.com/v.dokupil/A3TangoGlassesCzechGlassesAndNotReallyCzechGlassesO?authuser=0&feat=dire...
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