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  1. Still trying to figure out the age of this chair, as I mentioned I was told it was passed down in the family and I inherited it about 2005. Member noob suggested that older chairs in this style are sm...
  2. Thanks katerinescollections for reminding me about this. I remember that this piece did suffer some damage on the plane trip home. The damage occurred even though the piece was encased in a serious sh...
  3. You have a good eye swfinluv1, I had not noticed that before but now it certainly stands out!
  4. Thanks racer4four took a quick look at the FB site you recommended and it does seem that it could be very helpful.
  5. Sorry to miss part of your question HopeBrady. The catalog I used to identify the table was from the american chair company of sheboygan wisconsin. If you do a search for them you will find several i...
  6. This is a chest from the 1850's that is a common style used in the shipment of materials from China to the Port of San Francisco which is where I am located. After a bit of research here is what I ...
  7. Thanks for your note HopeBrady and comment Scottvez. From what I have learned it is indeed a table from the late 1940's - early 1950's based on catalogs I have reviewed. Thanks for your comments, Ted
  8. Thank you fhrjr2 and trunkingforfun for all the help with this item, I've been away from my computer so I'm a bit late in getting back to you. Ted
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