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If you like obscure.... - Signsin Signs
(Almost) Antique Brunswick, Balke & Collander Carom/Billiard Table - Gamesin Games
RCA Victor Electron Tube - Electronicsin Electronics
Extremely rare, antique “Boudoir” piano - Musical Instrumentsin Musical Instruments


  1. AnythingObscure, I am oh so jealous of that sign. Its incredible! I'm glad you found amusement in my sign, the way I did in yours. I actually tried selling mine not too long ago, during one of my "...
  2. Well, I've really spent a lot of time researching this piano, and all the different avenues I could dive into, in order to find that something special that I just knew was associated with it. I will ...
  3. It kind of looks like an RCA Victor Electron Tube, or some brand of electron tube. They’re used to power a record player. I feel like I’ve seen them in old tube guitar amplifiers too.
  4. For some reason I feel like my antique Edison Diamond Disc Player has something very similar. I’ll return shortly, after a brief pause for a baby butt wiping with the answer.
  5. BY the way. I’m in southern Illinois. About 90 miles east of St. Louis. Not usually a hotbed for culture, but very popular area for finding antiques of all kind. I tried emailing that company from...
  6. Contacting the head of the college music department is a great idea. I really should have thought of that myself. Thank you for your excellent insight. I’m so glad I happened upon this site. You a...
  7. Is this something I should consider getting appraised for insurance purposes? I have other antiques/collectibles, but I’m aware of their value. I would imagine there is a big price difference betwee...
  8. Yes, I believe mine is the exact same as the 1906 you provided pictures of, with the exception of different wood/finish. I would love to know how many of them were made. They appear to be somewhat c...
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