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Cheshire England UK

Personal Website: lavenderhillantiques.com

Collector and trader of vintage jewellery & vanity items. Prolific magpie of all things beautiful!


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  1. Hi I adore it, I cant help with identification, but I do know that the use of butterflies and there wings in decorative items and jewellery was a popular art during the 1920's. Good luck with your re...
  2. Ive added another picture of a glass topped round tray - the dancing fairies are very sweet!.
  3. I adore the fine detail on these lovely pieces - I have a little tray which could have been a teapot stand, I will photo and add that this afternoon.
  4. Thanks Natasha62 - I should update soon as I have so many beautiful pieces!. Kind regards Tilly
  5. Hi no problem, very happy to chat about compacts - I always buy old compacts that are no longer wanted, scratched or broken and I can pick them up for a few pound. If I then find something that need...
  6. Hey Darlene Thank you! - Personally I always remove the powder with a small brush, as it often clouds the mirror gets into the hinges and is generally a mess - I do not feel it lowers the value at al...
  7. I saw a couple of Silver pieces like this that were designed by Fredrick Massingham and retailed in London Jewellers DH Philips. A Collection of Fred Massingham's designs are on display in the Jewell...
  8. Hi, I think it is gorgeous!! - C. 1930 I'd say given the style. There's a super article on Richard Hudnet if you are interested in the history of the maker : http://www.perfumeprojects.com/museum/mar...
  9. 39 us dollars sounds like a real bargain to me! :) enjoy. Tilly :)
  10. I think it is adorable, iconically Art Nouveau and reminds me very much of the Alphonse Mucha images of the period - lovely! :) Tilly
  11. Hi I wrote a little article about English Butterfly Wing Jewellery, which you can see at my show & tell and I am sure will help you with your research. A lovely piece! Enjoy! :) Tilly
  12. Some can still be purchased for less than 20 pounds, but the better the condition the higher the price, up to say 60 pounds. Best regards Tilly :)
  13. Hi, its a pretty piece and seems to have a "tap flap" mechanism. If it is from the Art Deco period as you suggest there was a popular comedienne actress with a colourful life called Lupe Velez (playi...
  14. I would say early 1900's, when these sort of belt buckle bangles in silver were popular - The picture is very "Thomas Gainsborough", but I do not recognise the portrait. Good Luck - its quite lovely!
  15. Not necessarily, but the posts do look modern to me. I have found a gentleman in England, who takes beautiful old glass beads and resets them to modern posts for earrings so that they can still be en...
  16. They are also known as pietra dura pieces - "Pietra dura (Italian), literally, hard stone. The term (although a singular form) refers to the various hardstones (e.g. chalcedony, agate, jasper, lapis...
  17. I absolutely adore the goldfish powder compact!
  18. I think its lovely! - could be a "patch" box or powder compact. Enjoy!
  19. Mascot (AS Brown) were producing compacts in England from 1940's through 50's, using the Mascot trade name from about 1950. Made lots of interesting shapes such as handbags - the powder compact compa...
  20. Hi, they look very much like Limoges items to me, I have collected powder compacts and vintage vanity for over 20 years - the transfer prints are in the style of Fragonard, I would suspect they date c...
  21. I find a good way of testing for glass is to tap it gently with my teeth! you can tell the difference instinctively between glass and hard polished plastic :) - marked .925 they are probably fairly mo...
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