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Broach - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
What stone is this? - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Carved Jade - Asianin Asian
Religious carved glass / crystal - Art Glassin Art Glass
Mother of pearl gaming token - World Coinsin World Coins
Pewter pill box  - Accessoriesin Accessories
Metal head on stone - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Mosaic tokens - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Any ideas what this could be? - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Is this Jade? - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry


  1. Its Rhodolite Garnet.
  2. Fantastic thank you for all of the assistance , i will let you know results once i have had the gems tested.
  3. The brooch is made in two pieces, the front part consisting of the gem stones on a plate joined with silver ropes and the rear plate that has claws that hold the front gem plate on. The claws are the...
  4. Thanks so much, have you any idea of the age? And thankyou for your expert opinion. I thought it was well made but its nice to hear from someone who knows.
  5. Thanks for the info, i have uploaded a new photo, its not so clear. Will try another tomorrow.
  6. I will try and get it tested.
  7. Thanks !
  8. Yes i have heard that the ones with crests are more sought after. Great to know the history behind it.
  9. Yes they are all carved from the reverse and painted in reverse. I just had a look for reverse intaglios but couldnt find much similar, any idea of the period they were made? Im not sure how to...
  10. Could it be kunzite ? The colour and the inclusions seem similar.
  11. Thats great to know , i actually looked at the clive family coat of arms but it seemed different. Maybe i was looking at the earlier one. Fantastic , really appreciate the info !!
  12. It was the spelling of Dyslexic that got me.
  13. Hi thanks for the response , i have done some searches but i cant seem to find anything on dyslectic Cameos ! Can you point me in the right direction?
  14. Thanks for the info!! There sure has been a lot of work put into them.
  15. Thanks, I have just had a look and it does seem a bit pourus, if you dab a bit of water on it and wipe it off you can see where it has been. The colour on it is more of a green and it also appears on...
  16. After doing a bit of research into Czech glass I think I agree with you both. There are even pictures of red Czech glass scarabs on the web and some have the same green finishing. I was trying to lo...
  17. It appears to be able to scratch glass quite easily.
  18. Its neither as it won't scratch with a knife or mark with a hot pin. Feels like stone.
  19. That's a reflection on the front, not a scratch. It's very reflective.
  20. Thanks, they do but do they appear in pink too?
  21. Do you have any idea what the material could be?
  22. They are very beautiful indeed.
  23. Your not going crazy, there are faces and animals there ! They are all opals as far as I know. I have some moonstone too but they are not in the photo.
  24. Will be impressed if you can find it.
  25. Thanks I will take a look, it seems to be a lot harder than the green fluorite I think I have.
  26. Was a bit limited on the categories.
  27. http://www.jennmaur.com/scartists%20index/scartistsindex.htm I couldn't find a name that corresponded with the style.
  28. Umm it's a tricky one.
  29. Thanks LK
  30. Have his posts been removed?
  31. I have been through lists of sculptors, hundreds of them and I can't find anything that matches, the name could be right but the style wrong. Really had a good look Into it so if anyone can shed any ...
  32. If Phil has any info that would be fantastic.
  33. I just took a look at blue John and it does look very similar and the jasper has similarities too, thanks for that.
  34. I have lots a amethyst but two are the same as this. The cracked look does not show on the outside. I presume they were cut to excentuate these inclusions. Otherwise the same as amethyst with my other...
  35. No , I have tried a 10x loupe and they don't appear to be glass.
  36. Already tried it! I thought it looked like a similar style to Henry Moore, but I have spoken to the foundation and it's not his work. The last few letters of the signature even look like oore.
  37. Thanks I will have a look into it.
  38. Kyratango thanks for the info I will take a look at some of the examples on the web, see if they are similar.
  39. Yes they are very beautiful, probably better to leave them as they are. I was just considering the value as the faceted ones seem to demand more money
  40. Maybe you can check on my other mysteries too !
  41. I also had a look at a few other specimens of raw green fluorite on the web and it looks alike in colour and structure. So my bets are on green fluorite.
  42. Quite sure Tubeamp is correct. But thanks for the advice.
  43. I have a knife only, as I'm not from the states I don't have the coin. The knife does scratch, the stone appears to be quite soft.
  44. Thanks I will look into it.
  45. Do you think it would be worth getting it faceted?
  46. Thanks, I will look into that now. It's not something I have heard of before.
  47. Do you think it would add to the value if I got it faceted?
  48. Thanks, I was thinking along the same lines.
  49. Thanks I will try and find one.
  50. What makes an Opal valuable ? I see them range in price from very little to thousands of dollars. And what makes you think mine are so worthless? My grandmother was a jeweller and collector.
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