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I have an eclectic, if not cluttered collection. I like vintage 1950s, 60s, and 70s home décor, odds and ends, trinkets, treasures and plain old junk. I have receI have an eclectic, if not cluttered collection. I like vintage 1950s, 60s, and 70s home décor, odds and ends, trinkets, treasures and plain old junk. I have recently developed a taste for Mid Century Asian bric-a-brac, statues and wood carvings. (Read more)


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The light of Day reveals much dust.  - Fine Artin Fine Art
No maker indicated that I can find?    - Art Decoin Art Deco
My most sentimental piece. Marks are a little different. - Asianin Asian


  1. I may have finally found the maker... Artemetalica S. A. Hecho en Mexico. They used a sticker, that would explain no mark. My Aunt and Uncle did make a trip to Old Mexico in the late 1950's.
  2. thank you racer!!!
  3. candles? could be. I have no luck with research on it, cant find another one even similar
  4. $10-$20 each
  5. its painted before its put together, like ships in a bottle. It is gorgeous. I have one made of Cinnabar, well probably faux Cinnabar, but the carving is intricate.
  6. Depose late 1960s
  7. hold on to it... fairly valuable.
  8. Whoever made that fox made my lion!!! The texture, color the eyes!! Just like my tiger!!
  9. Not Hirsch...but he did lead me to Ronco, but he used black Marble. His tigers had very detailed faces, mine does not. I now know he is Spelter, had no idea. I did notice a little notch or indent ...
  10. I have one too. It was also passed down from my Grand Parents. The patina is a little darker on mine. The clock face (under the 6) says "Clock works made by Sessions" It may not be stated on all ...
  11. Thank you Phil!!! I didn't think it looked exactly like Aunt said Marble(I knew better). I have some Alabaster horse bookends, but they are more beige than the white under this big cat, an...
  12. Bijou Toys
  13. looks like Bijou Toys. Truly the best Santas ever!!!
  14. I think your right, I see Tiger now. Thank you. Yes, I'm sure I will hold onto it for several more years:)
  15. As I zoom in and look closer, he is older than I first thought, the crazing/crackle of the paint in an indicator. Is he gold colored under the blue?
  16. I have a fully restored Magnovox console with the Micromatic turntable and diamond stylus, it sounds amazing!!! yes grab it up!!
  17. I love them, its actually Shiva, yes Chinese, and fairly new. I have some large ones, in the house and two on the patio. Never put one in the bathroom or bedroom per my Chinese friends.
  18. Does anyone know what the bell with NK inside of it means? the maker? I have yet to see another box with it, or the dragon circle?
  19. I'm fortunate enough to have Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese fellow associates. They all concurred without a doubt, the theme on the lid is Chinese. Made in Japan.
  20. No it was never painted after it left Japan, it was that color when he bought it. The bright red is a plastic piece wired to the underside of the lid which is covered by pink satin. The top and side...
  21. if they look and feel like bone or ivory, more than likely Depose.
  22. looks like Depose, late 60s, I have some, yes its resin.
  23. regardless...its fairly valuable.
  24. its late 1980's. Penguin Stripe is the design. I know a lot more about LV. Fendi should have a place on their main site to enter the number to verify its authenticity, exact year ect.
  25. I have several, all over the house. Most are from the 60s-70s. I have some of the round squatty ones, Brandy decanters I think they are?. $3 each is about the going rate, of course a little more on...
  26. yep!! Whiting & Davis, came in silver tone as well.
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Not sure what kind of sword this is Rare Wall Mount Half Lamp Rose Porcelain and Brass Urn Shape Cold Painted Austrian Bronze Fox  on Marble Tray Just Good Ol' Boys....


     Willem ten Cate en Zn (and Son) Commemorative Dragon