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Hudson, NY


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Camel Statue - Animalsin Animals
Vase? Glass Vase with Cocktail Recipes and Celebrating Couple - Kitchenin Kitchen
Olive Oil Bottle - Potteryin Pottery
Estate Sale Find - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Blue & White Sugar Bowl - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Etui Case? - Silverin Silver
Button Hook - Sewingin Sewing
Card Case - Silverin Silver
Stiletto Sewing Tool - Sewingin Sewing
Antique Spoon - Silverin Silver


  1. I never thought of that!
  2. I had the same question about alpacas as well as llamas. The neck doesn't really look like a camel's neck. A quick Google search showed that neither alpacas or llamas have humps!
  3. Thanks lizzycbw! I'm excited to have it!
  4. I thought that was a little much, and too good to be true. I still think the $20 I paid for it was a nice vintage investment!
  5. O.K., wait a minute... Did the one on Ebay sell for $1,600? I realize it was in mint condition and mine clearly has issues, but wow! I guess I need to keep this in a safe place!
  6. That's it! Thanks so much! I could resist the find. That couple is fabulous. Thanks again to TallCakes and Anything Obscure for help in solving the mystery!
  7. The top is cylindrical (with sad chip), so it could have had a metal top at one point. I thought about it after I bought it and wondered why the red paint didn't seem warn. I would have assumed there ...
  8. I think it's too big to be a cocktail shaker. It's over 11 inches tall and a little more than 5 inches across at the widest part (near the top). Plus the pedestal bottom throws me off concerning the i...
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