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Propelling pencil with a different Twist! - Pensin Pens
13 1/2 Stanley - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Standard Rule - No64 - but Half bound! - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Ebay STEPHENS & CO # 72 1/4 - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Ebay Vintage measuring tool /no.97 /Brass - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Ebay 12 in rule, No Markings Actually a Chapin No.5  - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware


  1. The lighter one might be marked on the other side. It appears to be a model 68, which had a circular main joint and mid plate hinges on the arms. The darker one looks to be a No 36 1/2 it looks like t...
  2. That is a pretty nice No.3! The Internet Archives has a electronic version of a very good reference book for Stanley Rules. https://archive.org/details/boxwoodivory00phil The No.3 is a nice pocket ...
  3. Nice Caliper Rule. There is a total of three or 4 depending on how you count of companies that put the slot on the Caliper. Start oldest was Chapin "73", Stephens Square Joint Caliper is a "99"and the...
  4. I have one almost like it, just no wooden block. I am looking for a way to mount it, but it stand up pretty well on its own. I bought mine at a flea market. It a good stress reliever.
  5. Uncle Ron, Can I use your quote about the screwdriver?
  6. That is called "pocket wear" it is well used. If you look at the brass on the inside, at the main hinge, they are relatively sharp edges. On the outside there are rounded over from years of being carr...
  7. Upon closer examination I notice this is "Brass Bound" the is brass on all the edge which actually makes this a 32 1/2.
  8. As for the number on the body and slide. "Prior to separating the body and slide to graduate them, they were marked, so that each slide could be reunited later with the body it had originally been fit...
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Just found these! My collection of Novelty propelling pencils, Cedar pencils, toothpicks and lots of other novelty items. Stanley No.3 boxwood-brass folding rule Arcade #3 Coffee Grinder and Amerline Coffee Dispenser Antique Arcade Crystal #3 Cast Iron Coffee Grinder Some Recent Finds Unusual miter gauge - Maker?  Or Handmade? My Grandmother's School Pencil Box