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  1. Not to worry about bad news, it was given to me. I'm not crazy about it and will probably give it to some little girl that likes it. Thank you for responding!
  2. A little help with this Doll please!
  3. Sorry to bother you again but can you tell me where you found all Carnegie is not signed? Was it on the internet or a book?
  4. Thank you, would you know if this may be a Carnegie piece?
  5. That's not my picture nor is it what I wrote???? I did write about my 14" Dorflinger Kalana Lily Vase though? I also posted a picture but it isn't here?
  6. I have a book with some Dorflinger in it but it doesn't give values.
  7. If anyone is interested I found out the name of this pattern is Orphelia and it was made in 1938.
  8. You might want to check here.
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Weiss Brooch