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What could this bulb have been used for? - Firefightingin Firefighting
Freeze/soft plug puller made by Dorman Products.   - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Porter-Cable   chainsaw - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware


  1. Looking at the 5 sided socket and the hook end I think it maybe a manhole cover key and lifter. Just a wild guess.
  2. Thanks you TallCakes. I would never thought of that. Taking it down to city fire dept. for their museum.
  3. The station owner would put some kind of gel on the bottom few inches that turn color indicating how much water was in the bottom of the tank.
  4. I used those on exhaust pipes to expand a pipe to go over or into another. still have three in my box. Still sold today.
  5. Looks like a speed wrench found in an old socket set.
  6. Could this be part of a lighting rod. It could fit on top or on the side of a roof.
  7. I would say bobby725 is right. the wrench would be used to loosen and tighten the adjusting nut and the brass feeler gage is to set the gap.
  8. Maybe a hot pan or tray lifter. Can adjust to height of pan.
  9. Wild and crazy guess, looks like some kind of ball toss game. I said WILD.
  10. A guess. Looks like it would be used on an old industrial machine's flat belt to bring the ends together to be joined.
  11. Looks like an old car coil spring compressor or fence stretcher.
  12. They are still in business google the name
  13. It looks like a plug cutter for wood. It would cut the plugs then the slot in the side is where you would pry the plugs out. plugs would be used to fill drilled hole for screws.
  14. To me it looks like it was used to hold something while decorating it. you could turn as you go and raise or lower it.
  15. I believe it was and still used for auto body repair. this is held inside the dented fender and a hammer would hit the fender from the out side to take the dent or ripple in the metal out.
  16. If those are all snap-on you hit the mother load. I just sold a set of 8 sockets I bought for 45.00 in the 80s and sold them for 111.00 on ebay.
  17. To me it looks as it fits in and around the neck of a wine bottle then a napkin or other cloth was hung over the curve end. Crazy I know.
  18. I would say they are for a doctor as well as they are made.
  19. I really don't know. It could of been.
  20. I used to own an Ashland station. On the lower part a substance was put on it to show how much water was in the bottom, it would turn green. All tanks had some water. If you had to much water it woul...
  21. Its like a very large safety pin. Grandpa used something like that to hang hogs for butchering. just a guess.
  22. The mercury is a weight and the glass bulb it is in is a float to shut the valve on or off. Just a guess from a old mechanic.
  23. I would say it was used to remove stone and such from the hoofs of cows and horses. The hoop keeps you from going too deep.
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