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Strange antique ceramic Westphalen - Potteryin Pottery
Strange antique "Berber lipstick?" container - Accessoriesin Accessories
Victorian? mini lamp - Lampsin Lamps
Large Map Stamp - Germany - Officein Office
Turkish Wedding Mirrors - Antique? - Furniturein Furniture
Porcelain Limoge Box - Wrong German Inscription - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Frame with great grandpa with bow tie pic  - Photographsin Photographs
Set of frames  - Fine Artin Fine Art
1918 Russian Cigar Box Bone Carved - Tobaccianain Tobacciana
Antique olive oil cruet bought in Greece - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Could this be Raku? Crackle glaze? Lava glaze? I can't seem to find anything related with that glaze so antique
  2. I googled Yemeni jewellery and this doesn't look to follow the patter. Did you see pieces with similar patterns at the auction? From what it looks and other items I've seen this could be a betel nut o...
  3. I have a table with the same structure (drawers) and I believe is midcentury because of the legs and shape
  4. It looks like some Art Deco design. Maybe if you gives us some context, where did you buy it to find it?
  5. Yes, absolutely not Spanish. It looks like Ottoman or Persian, anyway Middle East
  6. Amazing!! It's just so fresh and modern at the same time. Love it!
  7. I can only tell you that Germany is filled with antiques of porcelain of Bavaria. I've lived there and I bought very nice pieces. Yours is very beautiful by the way
  8. Botón Charro -> Balkan jewelry -> Balkan jewelry -> Balkan jewel...
  9. I believe this could have a Balkanic origin or, if that rose is what it looks could be a "botón charro" some kind of art that people of Salamanca (Spain) brought to Mexico and I believe is famous ther...
  10. I believe it's a bento box, but the red lack is more Chinese. I think is for food. It doesn't seem that new
  11. It looks more like a Jewish-related ornament to me
  12. Apparently the region of Bassano di Grappa is not only famous for the liquor also because of the ceramics. Maybe you can contact the museum of the region for more info:
  13. Apparently is called Pandan Box. It carries spices which the married women die their hair root with. About the peacock: Peacock (Pavo cristatus), which is a symbol of grace, joy, beauty and love is...
  14. Oh thank you guys! I never would have find it without you (I didn't even know it was a peacock) I was trying to search by image but nothing. Bummer but at least not gonna scam anyone. Thank you!!
  15. Definitely, I think this community is the best in the world. Passionate free sharing of knowledge and appreciation of your findings, not just because they are pretty...because they tell stories :)
  16. So beautiful!
  17. This in Spain is what we call "botones charros", very typical from Mexico but their origin is in Salamanca province in Spain. Check it online under that name, you will find thousands. They think the o...
  18. Update: I took it to an antique dealer, she said it is very very interesting and also that it was ivory and a snuff box, instead of cigarette box :) who would have known! But now I have much bigger cl...
  19. I have seen many of these in different countries of the world. I think they are from the 40's. Very beautiful, keep it. They can be very expensive some day
  20. Is quite big, like hand palm big so I don't know. Trying to find something but is so difficult, thank you for trying!
  21. OOOh ok had no idea! Thank you! But still can't find anything similar, I find only toys :S
  22. I found very similar shapes by the name of Moser style bohemian glass...they seem pretty worth it!
  23. Wow, rucklezglass, that is the first information that I get nowhere, Thank you!!!. Any extra help, like reference pictures of any other similar ones would be great. I believe this one is authentic an...
  24. I would go with Eastern European Greek, Bulgarian...
  25. I believe this kind of rings are Berber
  26. I think definitely is european
  27. Still needing desperately some information :(
  28. Thank you Efesgirl :) Yes I found those pics but I was not sure if mine were simply a copy or they were antique. I'll try to take them to a jeweler. Thank you!
  29. This folding screens are typical from China
  30. Oh! Nice clue I found. One of them is from Fraureuth in Saxony Germany. The factory closed in 1933, so there you have it:
  31. I think are one of the most beautiful things I saw in CW. This ceramic is one of the most (maybe the most) famous in Germany. You could maybe write them to ask them about the pieces as long as they ev...
  32. Is really beautiful. How delicate women were, amazing :)
  33. This one really looks art nouveau :). Nice fan and well preserved
  34. Hi, just recently looking for information on my feather fan I found yours. For some of the details I thought it was Chinese and I just did some research, because of the shape I am sure it is Chinese a...
  35. Well I cannot read anything Spanish but maybe cause it is really faded. Maybe now looking at it more carefully, although the kind of "flower" around the shield on the first photo was not familiar to m...
  36. Definitely not Spanish, cannot identify (Spanish myself) anything familiar sorry
  37. Nobody :(?
  38. I don't have any information but I just love it! Nice catch!
  39. I have seen similar pieces in Israel, but this one has no pomegranates so I am not sure
  40. It looks art deco
  41. The souvenir is the only paradise from which one cannot be expeled
  42. It says Synedrion A.X.E.P.A 1965. Synedrion means a gathering and the letters belong to the American - Hellenic Educational Progressi?e Association. Maybe you can start with that
  43. Well, if you need to sell them this is probably the best for both of you. You need the money and they need a place to be kept, most of us sell our stuff and it is always heartbreaking to do it but tha...
  44. Like this club is similar (not telling is this one)ürich but you can maybe look that way
  45. Maybe from Switzerland from some sport team or university?
  46. It looks older than the 60's
  47. Thank you, I recently got an appraisal and it was good but I don't know how good. They told me it didn't achieve the amount proper for their auction house so I don't know what to do
  48. This is definitely Greek, no doubt
  49. I only know this flower is a symbol of royalty here in Spain
  50. I think you have the greatest pieces ever!
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