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I live in a lovely rural part of Scotland but I was born in the Channel Islands in Guernsey. I have been collecting all sorts of items over the years but it all stI live in a lovely rural part of Scotland but I was born in the Channel Islands in Guernsey. I have been collecting all sorts of items over the years but it all started with two things. My late dad died when I was just 3 years old and my mum gave me some postcards he had collected. That was the start of the collecting bug! Then, I had an aunt who loved her vanity items, perfume etc, and I started to collect perfume bottles and compacts. My late mum loved her brooches, and this continued with me, and I still love collecting them (and other little niknaks) today. My latest project is to collect 'Channel Island jewellery' when I can afford to. I was introduced to a brooch of theirs recently and subsequently bought it. I am deep in research trying to find out who actually made 'Channel Island Jewellery' on the islands. There is always a project to do and I love it! I also have a hugely soft spot for buttons and beads! (Read more)


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My mystery  vibrant necklace. 1930's? - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Czech Glass necklace?  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Germaine Monteil Superglow face powder compact - Accessoriesin Accessories
Pure sparkle tremblant rhinestone flower brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Orb Brooch by Sandor - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Two stranded pale olive green glass necklace  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Channel Island Jewellery brooch (No 2) - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Channel  Island Jewellery ceramic Brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
'Is it or isn't it' vintage beaded necklace - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
The mystery lady and vase - Figurinesin Figurines


  1. Certainly unusual for sure! You could be right Watchsearcher, that they may have been custom made. Thanks for that.
  2. Reminds me of the one I still have from the 70's which I bought as a teenager! Lovely item and a good find you have!
  3. Beautiful item! Glad you were able to bid! Love your cat by the way. What a super duper cheeky face!!
  4. Thanks you valentino97 and pebble. You are all so helpful. Thanks for the 'love.'
  5. thank you nutsabotsa6, and to you all for the 'loves.'
  6. Super Lamp. Love the lines and also the shade. It really is quite a stunner!
  7. Just wondering whether the 'ter' along with the capital S stands for sterling and then the OM a makers mark? The mark next to that looks a little like '9TC.' Possibly?
  8. I am afraid I am going to add to the rest of the comments...'I had one too,' but sold it on many moons back. I quite like some of the Avon items as they can be quite quirky. I have an 'egg' that is ...
  9. Hunter, I believe 'Sandor' McGowan retired late 50's so would date this item around that era. Sandor itself stopped production in 1972.
  10. Very Arts & Crafts! Simplistic but really classy and timeless.
  11. Kristin this is really beautiful. Lots of work has definitely gone into the creating of it. How about wearing it in the summer. It is so bright, summery and cheery.
  12. It is dazzling nutsabotsa6! Thank you for your kind comment and the 'love.'
  13. It certainly is a good find valention97. The clasp needs addressed but thanks to kyratango I now know that the beads are Connemara marble. And to everyone ....thanks for the 'loves'.
  14. Hi kyra the scratch test leaves a mark :) So on that basis I think you are absolutely correct that it is Connemara marble. Have had a look at some items and they are uncannily alike. Glad I joined ...
  15. racer4four thank you for your kind comment. She is very distinctive.
  16. You are right Efesgirl! and kyratango yes I thought it a better quality too with that well finished back with the screw.
  17. Yes it is! I just adore it. Must be for something I guess. Seems an awful lot of work for it not to be practical in some way, but yes the pierced work would definitely be a problem for solid perfum...
  18. Funnily enough I had been reading about Connemara marble jsut a couple of weeks back! Cheers for that kyra. Really appreciate all the input and info you give :)
  19. Thank you Zilla. Yes it really is a beautiful green.
  20. Thank you davy286. Will have a look at them again.
  21. Thank you bijou! It so reminds me of an eye!! :)
  22. Wow! Now that would be lovely!! It really does look the same yet the pin is placed differently and of course, mine isn't signed. Not sure if the one in the link is a 'tremblant' but thank you so ...
  23. Gorgeous colours! Lovely item:)
  24. This is beautiful! best of luck with your research on it. Can't help I'm afraid, but it is lovely.
  25. Thanks nutsabotsa6. :)
  26. Yes I turned that one up too...amongst others, but I have made contact with folk on the islands to see if they can do some research for me, so I am hoping something will turn up.
  27. Absolutely!!
  28. Love the pun kyra! I meant to post up a second image and in my haste forgot. Will do that though. Have you seen my second one?
  29. This all makes sense to me now...thank you kyratango. :)
  30. Oh my! This is lush!!
  31. Awww... brilliant kyratango! Thank you for that fantastic info! it matters not what it is really, but there is nothing worse than 'not knowing!' I will check out the link you posted just now. S...
  32. I will definitely put them up this week kyratango. :)
  33. nutsabotas6, thank you! He certainly has. :)
  34. Oh he is so lovely! I love bugs too and have spiders, lizards, newts to my collection, but yet to add a Cicada Beetle! You have some lovely items.
  35. Hi kyratango, and thank you for your comment. Delighted you love brooches too! Thank you for considering the gemstones may be nephrite jade. It's not an easy one, but I welcome all your ideas.
  36. Thank you Peasejean55. Appreciate your input on this one:)
  37. Thank you again to the latest contributors of comments on my necklace.
  38. Sadly, I do not have any further bakelite valentino97. I wish I did! At some point this item will go but for now I am enjoying it. :) I have other items of vintage jewellery that are personal to me,...
  39. That is one beautiful item!! So so pretty.
  40. Thank you all for those lovely comments. It was amongst my late aunt's costume jewellery box....a lovely find amidst the other nice items too. I believe it is called 'creamed spinach' ... but should ...
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Brass Collar Necklace Antique beetle bar brooch, silver and cats eye body. And Charlie cat, R.I.P.... Art Deco Lamp Hammered Brass and Copper Brooch with Opaline Glass Great Grandma's Brooch 1920 large 3 rows jadeite necklace, Art Deco clasp. Antique 14k enamel beetle watch pin. Old Antique Brooch unknown painting or era


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