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I'm an eclectic collector of things. It's runs in my family, and I grew up surrounded by Antiques and Art.From prehistoric on up to today!


Delft(?) China (Chinese?) Bowl Blue and white, Tin glaze(?),Dutch? What ??? - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
I love Jun Ya0 porcelain.This is a piece I used to own.  - Asianin Asian


  1. So sorry you lost so much! But glad you saved the Kachina! It's lovely! It's by C.C. Tewia I believe, is Hopi. You might find some more info at the Terra Museum online.Or this link to the Native Ameri...
  2. And I think the flower is a Peony.Don't use any harsh detergents on it either. These are meant to be aged or seasoned with the old tea remains inside. Just rinse with lukewarm or hot water is fine.
  3. I'm not 100% sure , but I would say it's an antique Yixing teapot. It's hard to tell because it seems like it has been coated with something. Generally this type (I had a similar one) different top a...
  4. Not sure about the one on the right, but left is Imari, and very nice! Lucky you!!
  5. I believe there are Cloisonne marks for both Chinese and Japanese on , it's lovely! I think it could be Chinese , too but check on that site. Lovely piece! Looks to be fine work!Good luck!
  6. You need clearer pics, impossible to see. It is modern though maybe 1950's to 80's at least(Vintage)
  7. I would say it's appears to be Japanese, possibly Satsuma , check on Japanese Pottery marks , love to know for sure , but I'm 99 % on this one.(The crayon marks , will not be listed in G...
  8. Yes, Weirdpuckett! lighting is crucial for "Oxblood" color! It can look almost orange in some lighting , but I prefer the cooler magenta to deep maroon! And in glass , too, lighting from behind can be...
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Sharing my Hopi  Sun Face Kachina by C.C. Tewia Asian Teapot Awaji Japanese pottery vase Limogues box