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from granny, saw as a child and loved it - Art Glassin Art Glass
One of my favorite colors.   I use it for holding one large flower, stunning. - Potteryin Pottery
Glass choir girl, gold flex in book, arms and collar - Art Glassin Art Glass
Small pinkish vase - Potteryin Pottery
ID and value of small pot - Potteryin Pottery
2 pots for ID and value - Potteryin Pottery


  1. SPAM, still a yuck. I raise all our own food, kindly and healthfully. I even do my own butchering and give thanks when I do butcher. I just wrote an e-mail to my 104 year old Uncle who will most l...
  2. Oh the mid west!!!!You would probably like the gift I gave my husband, a large lovely wrapped can of Spam. It is a mid west thing, right? Sioux
  3. What is "CW?" Can I sell it and is it collectible? MC to you where ever you are and whoever you may be. Sioux
  4. Thank you again. Will go re-check in the AM. I somehow remember something about wings. Where are you writing from. It is Christmas Eve and we are both on the computer. How come?
  5. Thank you so very kindly. I now do think this is a Murano piece and by dang, realized her "wings" are gone. Bummer but it is a piece I have always loved. Thanks you for getting back to me. Sioux
  6. Not sure if this is art deco or art nouveau
  7. Since I use to throw pottery, I am pretty sure this is high fired, cone 10. The glaze color looks like from the arts and craft era and who makes ash trays anymore? Hummm. I still do not even kno...
  8. Thanks so much. I have not been able to find the maker of the ashtray. Maybe someone will recognize the mark; it is so small.
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1880's 1890's Ornate Embossed Monitor Trunk Coverlets Upholstered Chair Writing desk Rookwood Umbrella Stand Small vase, unknown mark


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