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  1. Gillian, It is not mine so I don't have any more photos of it. Thanks! I will pass this info on to the owner.
  2. I'm leaning toward a spool holder of some type.
  3. Hmm..interesting. Could be.
  4. Thanks, I'd appreciate that!
  5. Wow, for one cigar! Odd that I can't find any info about it. By the looks of the price tag on the end that says 3 crowns, it seems to be a few decades old.
  6. Update/edit. Upon closer inspection, I now realize that the clear sliding lid is glass, not plastic.
  7. It looks like scrimshaw to me too.
  8. I love it!
  9. Thanks so much for the photos. Now I can picture the tool with a handle and I believe you're right!
  10. Yougottahavestuff they're more like indentations or marks rather than holes. But it's so badly corroded it's hard to tell. Fhrjr2 can you provide a link to the type of tool that you think it may be?
  11. Hi NevadaBlades Yes, the set seems to be complete and the box original. They seem to also be unused. There are no markings on the box. Thanks for your input! That explains why there are just 5!
  12. Thank you OneGoodFind and Celiene! They could be either chopstick rests or knife rests! And I would never have guessed either one!
  13. Possibly old sugar tongs?
  14. I was thinking maybe they're made to sit on top of a folded napkin as a type of decoration at the dinner table. But there are just five and not six.
  15. I have no idea. They don't weigh much.
  16. Very nice automatic...lucky you!
  17. Case may actually be 38mm as I may have included the crown when measuring the first time.
  18. I had a purple one like it when I was a kid. I was born in 57 and got the bike new in 64. Maybe that helps you some....
  19. Thanks AGalWithGlass !! It was fun and the lead you gave me somehow led me to that link but I don't remember exactly how. lol. I think I've seen every blue triangular vase ever made searching through...
  20. I've done more research online and found the answer. For anyone interested, the vase seems to be from Åseda glasbruk - a Swedish glassmaker that stopped production in the 70s. Possibly designed by a M...
  21. Oooh...a name! Thanks AGalWithGlass! Now I will search and see if I can find out.
  22. I know racer4four....but thanks!! And thank you nutsabotas6--I'll keep trying. Am searching Google images with all kinds of keywords!
  23. I did add them now....sorry about the quality. My smartphone camera doesn't take good closeups.
  24. Thanks for your comment racer4four. I took a couple pictures of the bottom but don't see how to add them here.
  25. It is completely rounded.
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some sort of hand tool? Swiss Movement Watch Unique, yellow mustard cloth BEAR - 15" tall