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Southern California


  1. Thank you so much CanyonRoad for the lesson in modern Navajo pottery - especially in the "mold-made" pots. The pot/vase is a perfect shape and now that I look at it, I surmise you are correct. Appreci...
  2. Thanks racer4four.....duly noted!
  3. are so right. Will figure out what to do with them now!
  4. Yes LZENGLISH.....That is very possible. A Pestle - but what would a large pestle be grinding? Ore, chemicals? The glass ones have bubbles and i believe are old. Thanks again!
  5. thanks Dave...I thought it was hand painted as the condition is rough...but what about the gold leafing? did they take it someplace to have the leafing applied. appreciate your response. Bea
  6. handsome hat......
  7. yes....more than a Bravo...I think this is the second time you have unsolved my mystery! thank you so I look forward to taking a day and actually visiting this awesome piece of architectur...
  8. looking at tent cities....but this ocean vista really threw me....thanks again
  9. OMG....I think you have nailed it TubeAmp.....Here I am in los angeles only 22 miles away from this site! thanks so much for the awesome links for catalina also!
  10. great shots....what adventuresome women.....the hats & victorian dresses on Catalina Island!
  11. thx TubeAmp.....i think you hit the nail on the head. the coastline has may not even be California!
  12. still have not been able to track down location of this photo....zuma didnt match up.
  13. i'm familiar with Zuma....looking at photo right now....
  14. thx blunderbuss2
  15. thanks...will start checking old photos in that area
  16. when i have time.....!
  17. Walksoftly: the website referral was very helpful....I have additional glass plate negatives that I am trying to figure out. many are labeled (Juneau, Sitka, Alaska) so it will be interesting to deter...
  18. awesome detective work....Thanks so much!!! i really appreciate it!
  19. Nice find! when do we come over for the BBQ!
  20. thank you I'm extremely grateful for this news. I love antiques that I can use for another purpose...and I love wine we're all good! this was in my father's garage...he passed in 2010. I think...
  21. not being a car buff....this held the battery for an automobile back in the ?? can I get a range of dates possibly. still going to use it for an ice bucket but I guess should recatagorize...
  22. thank you so much....very cool...appreciate it!
  23. looks like a small icebucket. The inside is not tin but is a much heavier metal
  24. posting another photol of the finger jointed oak box! thanks!
  25. my father - born in Brewster, MA in 1930. not aware of any relative left on that side of the fam....i am in tax crazy Calif.
  26. Garage sale....$ old leather so i bought it
  27. See more


Early 1900's to 1925 Era Office Chair Wooden Adjustable Solid Aboriginal Sword Sheath Teeth Fur ?? Mystery FRANCE China Porcelain Plate w/ Dog Fireplace Scene Oak Wooden 6 Volt Automobile Battery Holder Shell Engraved Mourning ? Heart or other Victorian jewelry piece? Civil War mourning tintype


King Whisky Display Bottle 1951 Western Electric Intercom (Early 1900’s) A bedside frame