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  1. I can only speak to the vase, as I have an identical one. From what I remember, it's McKee Glass and it's a hybrid - a cross between pressed glass and cut glass. It might be called "Innovation." You ...
  2. The L with superscript D stands for "Limited." I guessed that the P stands for "Pen." Based on those 2 assumptions, a google search turned up "Coles Pen Co., Ltd." based in London. That would work if ...
  3. That is striking. The pose and propping (or lack of props) is so stylized and unique for the day. I've never seen any other photo like that. By the way, what does "CDV" mean?
  4. Love the color on that stone. Can you take more photos? You're allowed 3 more. Is it hinged? Beautiful.
  5. Those are OUTSTANDING!!! I just love kaleidoscopes! Excellent!
  6. Thanks for all the loves, guys.
  7. Greetings. The information I used to find the date reference was the Gentlemen's Military Interest Club, link here:
  8. Greetings jwendell222 and thanks for your comment. I do see that cross-hatch pattern. In addition, the material in this carving resembles very much the keys on my piano, which was made in 1927. So I'm...
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