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Detroit, Michigan

This is a General Electric iron used by cleaners I am told. I would like any information on this item and thank you


  1. I would appreciate anything you can find. I did check Replacements Inc., but I am not an expert on this and may have missed it. Thank you so very much!
  2. They look like ones I have. The bottom. I'm researching myself and will share with what I find out.
  3. I wish I had dolls instead of glassware to ask about. You are so helpful to others!
  4. Would appreciate any help in identifying this plate? There are no markings that I know of.
  5. I could use some help on this glass. I've done a lot of research. Thank you
  6. I prided myself on not posting that pic before I did my research. I didn't ask straight out where to go for this cup. I maintain my intentions are pure and good.
  7. It is really beautiful in person. I love it also!
  8. You sure are hard on me. Just looking for information.
  9. I would love to know about this design. Appreciate you in advance.
  10. More Treasures from Great-Uncle!
  11. The blue feels rough like it's a label of some sort. They feel thick and heavy also.
  12. Thank you for your comments. I see what you mean by it being separate from the server. They were in a box together and so I thought.
  13. I can't honestly say this mystery is solved on this one. So, I've gotten a lot of good leads and that's what will keep me going. Thanks..everyone...for real
  14. Thank you. I was born in the 50's so I truly remember Pyrex! Do you that think that glass with the silver on it goes with the serving dish?
  15. Still researching, but that pattern number is elusive on both Osborne China and Wedgwood. Will continue to research...
  16. Thanks scandinavian, that Noritex continues to stump me. It had to be somewhere because it's on he bottom, smile. Onward search and thanks for your kind comments.
  17. I am still looking for this one, but I have gotten some words to describe it more. A swirled ribbed body, rolled and folded crimped rim. Thanks for the lead in the right direction, Dean.
  18. Bingo and I appreciate the information.
  19. The fruit is under the bowl and plate and real thick glass and I see the banana's and all now.
  20. Tall, looking at this closer, it's fruit all around it and is possible a fruit bowl. Your link was great and just wanted you to know I'm still researching.
  21. Thank you for steering me in the right direction. I have not found the exact one YET, but you got me to Point B. Thanks
  22. You've been a delight help and I thank you.
  23. TallCakes, what a wonderful resource you've given me. Mystery solved and thank you so much.
  24. I am stumped on something and if anybody has any ideas I'd appreciate it. The stamp that is on these plates are different from it's in what looks a sideway apple, but the same Crest o Gold and Sabin ...
  25. I did research both and will continue in that direction. Thank you for your comments.
  26. I still can't figure out what that first word. Any one wanting to comment I would certainly appreciate it. scandinavian, thanks for commenting.
  27. I was helped with the green glassware, so I will follow up and thanks for your guidance.
  28. Manikin, you have given me so much useful information that I will follow up on an thank you.
  29. By researching some one mentioned Capodi porcelain. I saw similar but I remain in that direction. Anybody that would like to comment, I'd appreciate it. Thanks
  30. No, I'm wrong, the middle is not black, it's clear just like it looks. Would appreciate any one who wants to help me on this server, bowl? I'm not even sure what to call it. Thanks
  31. The middle circle is actually black.
  32. Good to know, thanks Pops.
  33. Bellin68 thanks for looking. I appreciate comments and it was just suggested that I go hire someone. This community has been quite helpful so far, in fact I've found more information in just listeni...
  34. We cannot afford it. These items have been packed for over 5 years and I am taking it upon myself to help my friend. I just appreciate any leads in the right direction and have learned quite a bit b...
  35. Thank you Dean, I appreciate everything you've shared with me.
  36. Thanks so much because it's more than I had! green depression and pink depression glass. Got it and thanks again.
  37. Would appreciate any knowledge. Measures about 6 inches tall.
  38. I'll describe it: A thin circle of gold cursive handwriting which looks like Grantwest China Japan is written on the inside of circle.
  39. GraLady, I am guessing shot glasses, but you made me look at them as little vases, perhaps? I wonder...
  40. I need to know anything I can about them. I apologize for not saying this. I am helping my best friend of 50 years examine and figure out what to do with what her Great Uncle left her. Thanks in ...
  41. Thanks for that. I was wondering why with such a distinctive seal or stamp that it would be so difficult to find. But for the last three days, I see that there is a whole lot of work. That's why I'...
  42. I have been going through these items hoping to find my items and I wouldn't have to bother anyone. This is no easy task and I understand perfectly what you are saying. In fact, you blew off a few...
  43. Lighthouse made in England I went back to make it clearer and I see it's still upside down. But I did read it differently up close.
  44. My friend said these two items were given to her father by his mother. I did get her to sit down and tell me as much as she can remember about the items in her mother's house.
  45. I am new to the site, but I have been browsing for three days to try and make sense of some of these items. I've seen your comments and want you to know that I am quite appreciative and will never...
  46. At least I do see the name but I would like to have some history.
  47. I need to know anything about NORITEX and thanks.
  48. This saucer is also has a rim which looks like its made of gold.
  49. I am not having much luck in trying to figure out what all these items are. Some history on where they came from. I've posted somewhere else but no comments at all. Others want to charge you to tel...
  50. This Coffee Set belonged to my best friend's Great-Uncle. I believe he past at the age of 90. The marking on the back is hard to read, but hopefully someone can share some like on just what this is....
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