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Salt Lake City, Utah

I like all cars any size!


  1. kryzaly, sorry not for sale.
  2. Thanks! Next week Batman and the Monkeys!
  3. The real mobile phone!!! LOL!
  4. An amusement park here in Utah had a fleet of these, they were a great ride. It was called the speedway senior. The amusement park is called Lagoon and is in Farmington Utah. Maybe they would be able ...
  5. I have the Cougar and Mustang, you can see them on my page
  6. I will have to take a look at ebay!!! Thanks!
  7. Rules are no items for sale here. Just showing off all your great stuff!
  8. Its a great match!!
  9. So true!!! Just have to put some paneling on the sides! LOL
  10. Fiftiesdiner, Thanks! I have had this since the mid 60's if I remember right, I grew up on the east coast and we had a pool unfortunately the boat does not float as good as it looks! LOL
  11. Thanks for all the love!!!
  12. Bellin68,Thanks!, still have many more, just need to find the time to take the pictures and post them! Have a great day!
  13. Great cars! And trailers! Have never seen the boat behind the Grand Prix, is it Matchbox also?
  14. Enough to retire? LOL, thanks for your kind comment!
  15. Thank you!
  16. Thanks! We love it too!!!!
  17. So nice! I cant believe the sno-trac still has its tracks!!!
  18. Thank you for your kind words! Mike
  19. Cool, I will do that and post a picture of it!
  20. Thanks for letting me know the year, I was only off by one! lol, Getting old! I updated the year in my post! Thanks again!
  21. Nice long hood, short trunk and incredible blind spots!!! LOL
  22. Thank you all for all the nice coments!!! Mike
  23. Thanks you guys!!!
  24. I popped the back off and found it, its a 1948. Thanks for all your help!
  25. Thank you, that means it was my grandfathers and handed down to my father. So cool!
  26. Thanks! We love it!
  27. So nice! Thank you I will contact Bob! The number on the back of the watch is 8028622. Mike
  28. She must have been a special lady also!
  29. Thanks!
  30. Beautiful!!!
  31. I want to come live at your house!!!! lol. Just found two Aurora cars, looks like they tried to copy Hot Wheels!
  32. I have never seen the gold one, looks like a superfast! So cool!
  33. I was looking through my matchbox case and found the Rentaset truck! Inside are the original ladder, antenna and three little tv sets. I will post it this weekend and you can have a look!
  34. Thanks! stefdesign!
  35. I saw one just like yours but not in as good as shape at a little antique toy store here in salt lake. Had a price of $295.00! What a great piece you have!!!
  36. Still have my 72 bought it before high school and still have it, only 66,000 miles, its my profile picture!
  37. Thanks! I think this one must be a re-issue, it looks perfect. Even came with an extra hood ornament. Jay Leno owns one of these and he has a video on Youtube. Amazing car!
  38. Its beautiful! I think it might be a George Zee. Copy and paste this link and look at this trunk. http://www.antiquesnavigator.com/d-117735/george-zee-hand-carved-cedar-chest-trunk-antique-asian.html
  39. Its great! We had one just like it in our house when I was a little kid. Mid 60s.
  40. Mike do you have the Chrysler Turbine promo car? I found one in mint condition and paid $1.00 for it. I can send you some pic's if you would like.
  41. Sad! But I really love it!!
  42. Beautiful colection!!!!!, I have three of the Matchbox cases full. I will have to put on here!
  43. Forgot to say the original price was $4.50 but it was on sale of $3.99 both price tags are still on the box. Mike
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