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Vienna, Austria


  1. Might get shot down for this but could be a salesman's sample or an apprentice piece.
  2. They're Venetian chairs either "Rocco" style or real baroque chairs. The difference, Rocco style furniture/art came after the baroque period and tried to captivate and revive the baroque period often ...
  3. From the pictures, baroque style or Rocco. 1800's if they are but would have to look at the joints. I have two Italian gilded ones to restore at the moment.
  4. I'd go with military too. Military knives had holes in them so you could put rope through, use them as two man saw etc. One edge cutting, the other serated... Old survival knife.
  5. Thanks again Phil, will post an update in a month or two :)
  6. Hehe thank you upstatecollector... I hope it isn't going to be me :)
  7. Hi Phil, thanks for your comment, May I ask if you restored yours yourself too and what you think of my brief plan... Bit intimidated to be honest.
  8. It's quite short and the dresser and wardrobe share the same wall. It has a small foot protruding from the wardrobe to stop it from toppling over so... maybe, wild guess here but... maybe it came of a...
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