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Pink Slag Glass Lamp. - Lampsin Lamps
Antique Telephone table with chair. - Telephonesin Telephones
Antique Walnut Telephone Table with chair - Telephonesin Telephones


  1. Hi batgirl. I still have this piece. Maybe one of these days I'll part with it. Let's see a pic of yours.
  2. I believe that knob is also a replacement. Looks like the little brass ones you see on stacking bookcases. I have a couple of those laying around here somewhere. I wonder why he wouldn't but it on the...
  3. Thanks Phil. I have been checking there and not lucky enough to catch one for sale. Even checked the sold auctions. I'll keep watching.
  4. I have been watching this sellers auctions. What do you think the chances are that these two items would go up to almost the same price and stop? Within a penny of each other. One is 243.49 and the ot...
  5. Just noticed the guy who has the phone table listed is now selling the top piece separately. If he would put it back on the table, it would be just like mine. The back even looks the same.
  6. Yeah, I can't figure out why someone did that to the back. Well, at least it didn't hurt the front in any way. It's a cool piece either way.
  7. Manikin, I don't think this piece is a marriage because of the following. Wood grain and type are a perfect match, flower decoration on chair and all leaf decorations match, finish matches, edge of de...
  8. Fhrjr2, your right that a bunch of nice folks are showing interest in this piece. It's great that you can find all this info out. Thanks so much especially mcheconi for finding that item on ebay.
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