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New Boston, Michigan

I enjoy acquiring vintage lamps, some of these lamps have come from throw aways, a little elbow grease, new wiring and a shade give new life to these treasures.


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Dragons and Bats.....antique oil lamp...1800's - Lampsin Lamps
1870's Lomax Eastlake cast iron hanging oil lamp - Lampsin Lamps
1940's Vintage GWTW hanging lamp with crystal prisms - Lampsin Lamps
Pretty Boudoir Lamps  - Lampsin Lamps
 Ruby Red Glass Hurricane Lamp - Lampsin Lamps
Beautiful pink frosted glass boudoir lamps with crystals......1940's - Lampsin Lamps
Milk Glass table lamp - Lampsin Lamps
Unique ceramic lamp...... - Lampsin Lamps
French Provincinal Table Lamp with cherubs - Lampsin Lamps
French antique bedroom table lamps - Lampsin Lamps


  1. Boomer...that sounds unique, I have never daw an Eastlake with brass font and counterweight. It could be original, but.....sounds like someone has taken parts from a victorian oil lamp and most likely...
  2. Your home is simply gorgeous..........decorated so tastefully.......love the antiques and different things you have in your home......
  3. I have one almost like it, different carving on the back.........it is beautiful.....have to upload more of my stuff besides the lamps..........
  4. Beautiful!
  5. Lovely!
  6. Gorgeous lamp........and I find it amusing you have exactly the same wallpaper on the walls as I do.........LOL
  7. absolutely beautiful
  8. Beautiful Victorian
  9. This piece is so beautiful, what a conversation piece, and needs nothing else to be stunning!
  10. Mine were delivered over the weekend, and there is no information with mine, the previous owner did not know how old or where they originated. I will do some research and find out...mine have a double...
  11. I saw one on ebay, very similar and they had a slag glass lampshade on it and it looked like it was square. The lamp looked beautiful.
  12. I just bought two of these, so I will be researching information on them. I will let you know what I find out.
  13. This lamp is absolutely beautiful what I can see of it. The crystals are beautiful, and so is the color of the shade.
  14. Does anyone know what these lamps are called? I have looked under French Provincial lamps, French lamps and I dont see any like this one. I would greatly appreciate any information you may have to hel...
  15. This is just too cool, and looks beautiful!
  16. This lantern is quite lovely
  17. looks like curved slag glass.....maybe an old bradley and hubbard? Looks like it is in beautiful condition....good luck
  18. It is absolutely beautiful.....this is curved slag glass...it is old and the colors are kindof rare.....I have one I have displayed in the unsolved mystery on this site in purple, cream and white hues...
  19. This lamp is absolutely beautiful...if you dont want to hang in house, buy another color dome lamp and change the look.....I would love to have it, so keep it and and tell the stories of your Grandmot...
  20. Beautiful and very unique
  21. These lamps are absolutely beautiful....good luck in your endeavor to find out what and who made them
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Tall Bowser 575 Gas Pump...Theme Is Polly Gas...22 cents a gallon National Gas Pump...Theme Is Texaco Fire Chief Gasoline...37 cents a gallon French antique bedroom table lamps 1960's chrome base with marble nightlight Nice amber glass table lamp and the bottom lights up too.  Tall Flamingo Lamp


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