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  1. OK, Thank you for taking the time. If you enjoy checking pieces, I have two more Asian pieces, probably also nothing special, but if you don't mind checking... Thanks for your help.
  2. Ah! Got it! She is gorgeous anyway! Thank you so much for always bringing some clarification about dolls! Appreciate it! :-)
  3. Thank you again! Seeing her torso piece marked “China” from 1966, is what made it confusing. So, China didn’t produce the dolls before 1986, but produced the doll parts before that then, is that ri...
  4. Thank you Manikin. This is great information!
  5. Thank you for taking the time. The little one looks a lot like the Rose O’Neill Kewpie Bisque Dolls, right? I am thinking this guys might have “born” before the Kewpie? Do you know who “copied” who? ?...
  6. Hi, thanks for taking the time. Looking closer, I am starting to think that they are two separate pieces, and not a set. Do you think so too? After my research, I am wondering if the cup only, might...
  7. The number 19 appears on both sides of my dish. Didn't think of checking that...sorry. What eliminates defect on the decal. Someone just shared a picture, same pattern, and hers have the number "2" o...
  8. Hi Keramikos! Searching about the "19" this morning, I discovered this is one of the rare patterns. I thought the same as you at first, a defect on the decall. I will follow your advice. That "19"...
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