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1905 COCA-COLA NUDE TRAY VIENNA ART - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola


  1. I have the same screen.I bought it from the US Historical Society in 1986 for $225. This is the first one I have seen from anyone. Although they are not numbered, I am sure very few were made. I love ...
  2. This item is worth at LEAST $100, if not more. I have been collecting Coke for 50 years, and have seen some nice purses like yours. If I were not liquidating my 3000 piece collection, i would grab it ...
  3. Recent item of little value...sorry
  4. These are cast iron. As far as I know, Coke never authorized a cast iron truck. They did, however authorize many steel, die cast and tin litho trucks. See Petrettis or other books on Coca-Cola trucks.
  5. 95% of all Coke knives are fakes. Coca-Cola issued very few knives, and these can be found in any addition of Petretti's. he also covers fakes very well, but there are so many....
  6. Like the cash registers and similar items, FAKE FAKE FAKE. Too bad something cant be done. Coke has just about given up chasing these thieves, but maybe EBay can do something. I try to report all that...
  7. The "wave" came out late 1970.
  8. This is indeed the Glascock Jr, and I have seen them without the "Drink". The value depends on the condition. I just sold one on EBay for $875 plus shipping, but it only had one good side. The other t...
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Coca Cola Four Seasons 5 stained glass panels - 1986